WORST Way to Invest in Real Estate

http://www.freedommentor.com/worst-way-invest-in-real-estate Discover the WORST way to invest in real estate. This is the other side…real estate investing gone bad.
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  1. Than for the vid. Is potential for price appreciation ever a variable that influences purchasing decisions? Or is it left out of the equation so as to reduce unknowns and risk? Seems like the only safe variables should be buying under-market and or income generation?

  2. I acquired plots of land as an in-kind partial payment for my dump truck. land was equivalent for cash on that day, but on the following day an export ban on livestock was imposed on my country by the KSA. Everything changed overnight. I waited to sell those plots for 11 years, and I finally sold at much lower price than its cost when  adjusted in inflation.I wanted to start my own business on the sale proceeds; however, I was forced to sell my days by accepting low income job.

  3. Hey Phil, I'm currently a Sophmore in college studying to manage his parents real estate development startup targeting the growing southern african markets. What would be the most effective way to give myself an education on the subject of international real estate development (private and commercial)? I love your videos, and hope one day i'll be in a position to give back to the next generation. The same way you're doing!

  4. So Phil, I noticed you didn't disclose any information about what state you're licensed in, what degrees you hold; including the yearly relator's exam, or if you're talking about residential or commercial property. Who's your Broker?

  5. Phil, I'm 18 and real estate investing sounds like that kind of career I would enjoy. I haven't gone to college but I do qualify for a pell grant. I was hoping to go to a technical school in my area that offers a variety of programs such as HVAC, accounting operations, and electrical, which I think would all be helpful skills to have when managing properties. Being that I didn't grow up knowing a lot about tools, would taking an accounting/bookkeeping course be beneficial if I wish to start investing in my 20's? Thank you sir.

  6. hey Phil?I am a 15 year old who hopes to become a billionaire by investing in such assets such as real estate stocks…etc.what are some helpful tips you would give someone who hopes to start investing young and retire younger?

  7. Very good information Phil. Love the video. But you make me not want to get into real estate investing after watching this video LOL

  8. Hi Phil, I am a real estate investor here in Florida and am seeking to diversify into other countries. Have you looked at any other places beyond US markets? I like the London market, and I am thinking of getting into new developments there.

  9. Haha, eventhough this video was suppose to be serious there's like certain part he's stories and reactions amused me

  10. There are a number of homes in the housing development where I live that have been abandoned. The buyer just leaves the keys on the kitchen counter and walks away. They call this ghost abandonment. The development is still well maintained by buyers still living there, but my neighbors can't sell because property values have dropped and they would not get what they paid for their property. It seems to me that buying rental properties won't work because people can't even pay rent and, once people take possession, they can live in your property a very long time without paying a dime of rent before you can legally evict them. You have to file a separate lawsuit to collect your, rent monies and then the people still don't pay you because they don't have the money or they file bankruptcy and name you as a dischargable creditor. I am not a real estate agent, but I can see there is no sense in buying property right now, period. The only property I would buy is a home I plan to live in.

  11. I like how honest you are Phil! Watched your vids before I bought my first flip and came back to watch more. Thanks for everything!

  12. The negative comments you speak of can be greatly reduced by following rules I follow.
     .I never leave my comfort zone meaning I only buy in a certain area .I never buy a house that needs major foundation work or sewer work .I buy only single family houses that some   work, I must do 30 to 50% of the work painting  etc… the easy stuff that if hired out would cost a lot . .

    .NEVER NEVER rent to anyway without doing a complete  back ground check  credit ,criminal ,they pay for it $35 ,no pets ,no smoking . You live and die by your lease mine  is 3 pages thick I try to cover all possible issues. Most of my contactors I have done business with or know personally   for many years. I inspect all work being done every day. I must work on this house every day, I am like a pit bull I latch on do not let go tell it is ready to rent.

     .I go by the house first of month to collect rent on all houses, check out make sure all looks good from the outside. I will fix all issue immediately   if they do not call that is their fault for any damage from failure to notify in a timely manner.
    All my houses look sharp I have a line to rent them, so I can be picky within the confounds of the law.

  13. Can't we limit the worst case scenario by only investing though a private limited company. Then it may be our money but it wont be our credit. Worst case scenario our company goes broke, or that company in the concern goes broke, isolating the mother company and the investees from personal responsibility.

  14. The USA is broke and desperate. There are other America's out there. Find them.
    Real estate is one option, there are many….Only be Patriotic to a country that is
    Patriotic to you. Why love something that is out to use you and destroy you.
    Travel my friend travel. Be loyal to God, family and to a country worthy of your love.

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