Wholesaling Real Estate Online Marketing for the Real Estate Wholesaler

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I don’t wanna bore you so I get a little crazy with my videos. Having a little fun showing you some marketing methods I use to generate pretty good flow of leads that I can use for my real estate wholesaling business. Marketing, I swear, if you are not doing it you are not going to get any deals.
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9 thoughts on “Wholesaling Real Estate Online Marketing for the Real Estate Wholesaler

  1. Just started using google voice thanks to you. At first we did not believe we could leave a message but then after exploring it more today we found it.

    how does this service compare to other automated voice mail services?

  2. Hey, I have a huge question. How do you pay someone to put out bandit signs in a city you don't live in? How do you know that they actually put out the signs? Don't you still have to buy the signs? Do you pay the people to buy the signs as well or do you mail the signs to them? If they decide they don't want to do the job when they receive the signs, then what? Sounds like you will end up paying the people more than "$1 per sign". ???

  3. @MrTaintsmasher, Yes, i suggest that you try it out for yourself. Signs kick serious tail for both seller and buyer leads.

  4. Great info to put out..Google voice is a important to have for your bandit signs.. check out my page on how to build cheap signs..keep the tips coming

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