Wholesaling Lease Options with Joe McCall

http://www.StacyKellams.com – Stacy Kellams training session with guest trainer Joe McCall on how he’s making a killing investing in Lease Options & Wholesaling.

When he got tired of spending over ,000 a month in marketing and throwing away so many leads from unmotivated sellers, he knew there had to be a better way. That’s when he came across the special niche he calls “Wholesaling Lease Options”. Now he is working part-time, easily flipping 2-4 lease options a month at ,000 — ,000 a pop.

Here’s a sneak peek at what he’ll be revealing on the call…

* His unique way of selling “unsellable” deals in the worst markets around the country.

* Why this techniques works best in today’s crappy housing market (the worse the market gets the better for doing this).

* The specific websites where my guest find the seller leads for these types of transactions (without spending a penny on marketing).

* How he makes money on deals that have ZERO equity (so you’ll be able to take advantage of deals that other investors walk away from).

* How he handles his entire business 100% online (including the filling out and signing all of the documents).

* How he structures his business so that almost all the work is done by Virtual Assistants overseas (including following up with his leads and making offers to sellers)

* and much, much more!!!

This is perfect for beginning investors that don’t have a lot of money to spend on marketing and NEED to do deals and make money FAST… like in the next 2-4 weeks.

So check it out now and learn more at http://www.REISecrets.com.

http://www.Flip2Freedom.com Wholesaling Lease Options. Download Your FREE 129 Page Detailed Blueprint. In this episode I interview Joe McCall from Wholesaling Lease Options (dot) com

He’s an extraordinary gentleman that has discovered an niche that is ripe with buyers and sellers begging to do a deal.
The leads are plentiful, open and easy to close.

Joe tells his story of how he discovered this niche and shares deals he’s doing today in this market. He also spills the beans on his 5 step formula to success.

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