What They Don’t Tell You About Wholesaling Houses – The dirty little secret that most people don’t know about wholesaling houses:
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How To Wholesale Houses 101

39 thoughts on “What They Don’t Tell You About Wholesaling Houses

  1. this video is way too funny lmaaaaaaooooo lol lol lol !!!!!!!!!! but its too Real and he is stating real life facts

  2. This dude SERIOUSLY broke down some serious game and knowledge. Now I know to make sure my title company or closing attorney makes a sellers eyes only Hud and a buyers eyes only Hud to caution myself and be on the safe zone. But you gotta make sure your title company or closing attorney is wholesale or investor friendly and understand that this could blow a big hole in the deal and somebody could back out or flip the hell out at anytime at the closing table or during the transaction……. Thanks for the tip. You need a Part 2 or 3 of this video lol.

  3. hey Phil great video I'm new to wholesaling and I have done some deals already with an investment group. this deal in particular I am doing on my own. a to b contract is done already and title work is in process. I have found an investor all cash to wholesale the deal to who .. what contract would I use to assign it to him? it can't be an assignment contract because then he would know my assignment fee. I want to double close it because I'm making a decent amount of money and would rather not have him or the seller know how much I am making.. thanx for your help

  4. hey Phil! love the video, how do you find your buyers/investors? and are you using the no money down tactic as well?

  5. Hey Phil this was really great. I had been to a couple of wholesaling seminars and as knowledgeable as the guys were I had the feeling that the whole picture was being withheld. I myself am a teacher and I am looking for a real estate teacher that knows both content and understands pedagogy (how a student received and processes information) I am going to watch more of your videos. I like you no-hype, bare bones, straight to the point, realistic style of disseminating information. Looking forward to learning more form you.

  6. another thing they never tell us..What happens if you get a house under contract and then you DON'T find another Investor to sell to. are you stuck with the house you don't have funding for?

  7. Great video, learned a lot. Had a question. Do you have a good closing lawyer or know of one in AZ that you trust or know would work with these kinds of deals? If you do what would you want for that kind of info? Thanx again

  8. Excellent video Phil! The story of the guy with the shotgun sort of freaked me out, but I am sure it has happened to others before. I had a question for you…. What clauses and contingencies do you put in your typical wholesale contract that still allow you to back out during inspection period in the event that you can not find a buyer to "flip" it to?
    Also, whats the process of entering into contract with the end buyer if you are not the owner.. for example who would he make the offer to if you are doing a double close. Would it be to your LLC or to the current owners of the property? Thank you so much for your time.

  9. Mr. Phil was the $7,000 profit to be made by telling the buyer its $57,000 or was it a fee you created for whomever is supposed to pay it

  10. Wow.. just came across this video, definitely subscribed to your channel. Quick question if not wholesaling, what would be the best way to start in Real Estate? I'm looking to add another stream of income. Thanks

  11. very informative i must say. when you enter into a contract with the motivated seller, are you obligated to buy the house at the end of the contract or u can walk away if you don't find a buyer?

  12. I have your book and I am watching your free video course. I just want to be Make sure I understand, when you say creative real estate, you mean wholesaling real estate?

  13. @phillpustejovsky Hi Phil, i have no experience what so ever but your video is very informative so I understand the idea of wholesale now but do you have to have a real estate license to do this kind of transaction?

  14. phil, couldn't you just change perspective and tell the seller that you will be making a profit by "charging the buyer a fee"? so in the end, instead of it seeming like the seller lost $5k it looks like you charged the buyer the $5k.

  15. Quick question. Let's say you find a motivated seller and get their property under contract. Then you start marketing the deal to another investor. Once the investor finds out the address, can't he just contact the owner directly and offer to buy the property without you being involved?

  16. One question.. When you first fill out the purchase and sale contract you don't have to take it to the title company? You only have to visit the title company when you have both contracts filled out?

  17. Aye Antonio I was wondering how I can reach you, I actually had a few questions to ask. If there's an email or anything I will really much appreciate it.

  18. hey Antonio,, In the state of New jersey i was told that you can not represent the buyer and the seller and have 2 contracts. Thats conflict of interest i was told. in NJ only one contract is allowed. can i still do it in NJ and if yes how is this information wrong??  thank you

  19. Hi Antonio
    There is tons of property in my area. I'm 45 minutes from DC and right on the line for PA , WV, Va, even though I live in Maryland. Lots of money to be made. If possible can you be my mentor. Thank you in advance. 

  20. Man I feel like there's no buyers in my small town… I guess I need to go to courthouse auctions and network.
    I'm not giving up! I love your videos BTW very detailed and simple to understand. THANKS

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