What Real Estate Contracts Do I Need To Wholesale Houses?

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20 thoughts on “What Real Estate Contracts Do I Need To Wholesale Houses?

  1. That 3rd document seems very essential, thats one thing I was worrying about. The end buyer could easily get in contact with the owner and go behind your back.

  2. Hi +Antonio Edwards

    So, once you sign the P&S you are legally the owner of the property, correct?
    What happens if the new buyer wants to see the house before he/she buys the house if you still don't get the keys from the seller? (How are you going to sell it without showing it?)

  3. Hey Bro, it's an opt-in forum. Are you going give me the documents through the auto-responder that you are currently using!

  4. Is the Addendum To "First Right of Purchase" contract the same contract as the Memorandum of  Contract?

  5. Thanks for the video Antonio & showing me how to do this i really appreciate it, that last document is very important so they can't steal the deal from you. 

  6. Antonio what happened to the J Mr. Real Estate interview or your podcast???? It keeps saying is temporary unavailable.

  7. Thanks for video. I've closed 2 deals so far and this is my first time hearing about the third document.

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