What is Virtual Real Estate Wholesaling?

http://virtualflips.com What is Virtual Wholesaling? Wholesaling Real Estate is the strategy a lot of Beginning and Experienced Real Estate Investors use to flip houses for quick cash. In this video Chris Explains how you can flip houses Virtually Anywhere in the USA using just a Lap Top. Stay tuned for the next installment of Virtual Wholesaling Step By Step.
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7 thoughts on “What is Virtual Real Estate Wholesaling?

  1. Hi Chris

    how are you? great vid…can i talk to you… in short i want do what you doing but here in the UK….can you talk….my skype is : khalid.rashid566

  2. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and strategies.  My question is, how do you make sure your wholesaler in the area will not take the sale for himself if you ask him/her to go take a look to see if it's a deal?  Do you have a contract made between the area wholesaler and yourself?  How can you make sure it can be someone who will be good and trustworthy?

  3. in order for this to work you must have an extremely trustworthy ground connection. Very easy to be shorted on money by telling you one thing and selling for another or stealing deals altogether. 

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