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Contrary to bias and fraudulent reporting by people such as Adam Meister of the Baltimore Examiner. The people who use bandit signs to market their services aren’t some sort of band of thieves waiting to steal houses from little old ladies. Normally the people who hate bandit signs tend to be very ignorant to the facts of who uses them and why. people who use “We buy houses” bandit signs are merely real estate investors. They use bandit signs as a inexpensive form of marketing in which to get their message out to home sellers that they “buy houses”. Mr. Meister doesn’t know anything about real estate investors. His story proves that much. It is real estate investors who are spending millions of dollars providing shelter and affordable houses for people in Baltimore and people across the country. Don’t wait for Adam to acknowledge that small fact. His bias is a poor substitution for the cold hard facts. This is where I come in.

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  1. The seller and the buyer rarely meet. The title company will handle all the details of the closing and escrow. The seller will normally get his money in one meeting and then the buyer will get the closing doc and keys in the other meeting along with your balance of your wholesale fee.

  2. Hello TheBanditWholesaler my name is Tiffany I have a question for you. I have a guy who has houses that need to be sold and I am actually in the process of getting my bandit signs out and going out to auctions to find potential buyers. My question is when its time to actually sit down and sell will the seller and the buyer be in the same room or no. My thinking is I will get X'd out and they will just begin to do deals directly with one another. Also under what do I post my ads on craigslis?

  3. hello tyrone I wanted to get started in real estate wholesaling and i live in rockville,md which is 45 min from bmore. So i have a couple of questions. 1st how is your buisness going are you doing better than you were 2yrs ago. 2nd did you have a mentor and if so do you know any good ones in md. 3rd. is it a good idea to by someone program like sean terry. are you using bandit signs and how well do they work?

  4. Pretty much all municipalities have ordinances against the use of bandit signs. How the laws are enforced varies from one area to the next.

  5. Hi Tyrone. You seem very knowledgeable on bandit signs and I would like to put some bandit signs out. However, I cant find any laws on bandit signs. Do you have any advice?

  6. Some people would say that that Ebonics is the spam of the English language. I'm just saying. Different strokes for different folks

  7. Actually spam is something people normally don't have a use for and tend to tune it out. Seeing that businesses use signs to advertise their business, one could come to the conclusion that "if the signs didn't work, nobody would use them in the first place". It only seems like common sense to me. So is it spam to the respective business's potential customers or is it just spam to those who do not like signs?

  8. @mlinkenauger Now that you have gotten whatever you wanted to say off your chest, do you feel better now? If so, I'm glad. Have a nice day.

  9. @mlinkenauger And I am sure you never drove one mile over the posted speed limit correct? If you did, you know you were breaking the law right? I'm trying to understand why how I market for leads for my business is of any concern to you. If you have any evidence, facts, proof etc of me doing anything even remotely unethical in my business towards any client, by all means present it, display it, highlight, If you can't, you are merely trolling for attention.

  10. @mlinkenauger You do realize by you responding to my video, you are giving me the time of day right? How can you doubt my ethics in Real Estate when you have never been apart of any of my transactions? Let me help you out. Bandit Signs are a form of Gorilla Marketing. Many businesses beside Real Estate Investors use them. When politicians put out their signs during election time, do you say anything? They are the ones who make the laws right? Don't think to hard on that one.

  11. @partsmet lol, if you read the article that was written about me, then you would know why I was contra sending in my response to him. When a person who doesn't even know me or my business writes a story basically saying that I steal people's houses because I use bandit signs, no way in hell will I try and play nice with a person like that.

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