Virtual Wholesaling Step by Step

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Learn The Correct Way – To Start Your OWN Virtual Real Estate Wholesaling Business

Cris Chico shows you how to find and flip properties anywhere in the USA using only your cell phone and laptop.

If you liked this video then visit:

Learn The Correct Way – To Start Your OWN Virtual Real Estate Wholesaling Business

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I want you to imagine having a successful real estate
business where you …

* NEVER personally meet with buyers or sellers
* NEVER personally inspect any properties
* NEVER have to know anything estimating repairs
* NEVER need to use your own credit
* NEVER make any down payments or deposits

And you never even have to actually own the
houses, which eliminates ALL the risk conventional
real estate investing comes with.

This IS NOT fantasy… it’s happening right under
your nose.

If you liked this video then visit:

Learn The Correct Way – To Start Your OWN Virtual Real Estate Wholesaling Business

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24 thoughts on “Virtual Wholesaling Step by Step

  1. in what way do you get your money? how does the buyer give you the money, what do they give it through? sorry for the rookie questions

  2. wholesaling is very real and it works.. its simple steps. but not EASY!!!!! it takes super persistence and work. and im sorry but if you dont know how to calculate costs on repairs your not going to make any money. professional investors WILL know how to do this and if you didnt do it right they will not buy. they are professionals and dont make those type of mistakes. they arent rookies. which is why they have money to buy right away. or know how to use hard money lenders. get real. my only take on this fool is that his right about mailing. thats it.

  3. I have been using these techniques for over 20 years. I have done very well at it. This is no bull. You have to think out side of the box.

  4. Cris,I am looking to expand my reach in wholesaling and want to start investing out of state.  How do you make offers out of state when you don't see the property ? Please share your thoughts.

  5. I'm not trying to insult you Cris Chico… but I never understood why all of these videos start out telling sob stories. Many of us know what it is like to 'struggle to make ends meet'. Honestly, it doesn't matter where you start, just how hard you work, and how smart you work to get to where your at now. 
    I came to learn how to expand my wholesales, not how all of you 'gurus' grew up. I still thank you for the video tho, just a bit of feed-back. 

  6. Strange? This guy's story is very similar to that of Phil Pustejovsky, another real estate con artist here. Well at least the part where he says he has a college education and began to work and realized he was "being worked" to death to which he realized real estate was his "goal". I smell booshit.

  7. skipped through your "story" part to get to the content, as it sounded like lots of guru seminars. After I got through the "content" I WANTED to go back and hear more about your story. So many of us go through these experiences to learn…to succeed. Thanks for sharing this.  I've been very interested in targeting the right buyers and using a good approach. On the Path…

  8. Hello Cris,
    This video what you sheer not any one able to explain and to get for the right point
    The fact all the internet couching  program hare who lessening  to buy the manual book pay for high coaching  lessens  etc
    but you wise the first who not force the people  to buy your program or over charge them I liked this the reson I wrote you now
    I wood like to tell you Im happy to find you this absolutely  realistic system just I have to fallow  your instructions  step bay step
    The verbal Wholesaling much easy  like anything else Yo don't  need to go visiting  the buyer to lessening the pain and spending lot off time what you spend your family  
    I wood like to receive  all your interactions manual book and the video and the PDF file for the buyer and selling list
    also I don't see the email listing when  you get? clic2click this the best I now the out sending voice system your script we have fantastic way how to work this true we have lot of positive fit beck  
    If you abel to send me all the manual book please contact me beck my direct mail    
    Thank you and god belles 

  9. Hi, I enjoyed your video. Do you or anyone reading this know of any websites that work for running comps or searches in canada. All these things like real quest and others are great but dont seem to work for canada… finding canada sucks for finding any comps online…..stupid privacy laws i guess. any help would be great

  10. 36:55…  look at the old lady calling, holding up the postcard.  LMFAO

    Good vid btw.  Thoughts on using for lists?  I have discounted pricing and have been using them and using click2mail to mail them out.

  11. Dealing with a property out of state how do you properly run comps without physically being there to inspect it? Great vidz btw .

  12. I would discourage you from making any transaction with Mark Evans DM!  I signed up for a mentor program with him that I'm embarrassed to say how many thousands and thousands it cost me.  What I was going to get for this, according to Mark Evans DM, was one on one coaching and some "vacation / recreation property" in Arkansas.  The coaching wasn't with him and  accomplished only frustration.  Meanwhile I'm still stuck with these two worthless properties.  It's easy to succumb to this rhetoric by Mark Evans DM but please, please, please, I implore you, don't have any business dealings with him!

  13. how do i get started .. i have no clue where to start …please feel free to e-mail me at

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