Top 5 Books for Real Estate Investors
The top 5 books for real estate investors and 3 of them are absolutely FREE!
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19 thoughts on “Top 5 Books for Real Estate Investors

  1. Phil, that was a great video. You are a very wise man. I recently started reading Proverbs from the bible and I am a little confused. What do they mean by understanding the fear of the LORD?

  2. How cool! I guessed the first 4 right. And own them as well. I was so sure you would say "Rich Dad Poor Dad". But now I'll have to look at good to great. 

  3. I think the point has gotten a bit lost.  Anyone having an issue with book #1 in the list, please keep in mind it's still a BOOK just as the others.  Stay focused.  Phil's teachings are still awesome.

  4. That's the best advice he gave to read the bible every day I just watched a video that he mentioned know difference between signal and noise and he has signal he is for real and hope I can get in his apprentice program

  5. The Bible may be the most read book, but it is also the most mis-understood book. But, if people find inspiration in it, so be it.  

  6. good stuff, but tony robbins is not the father of self development, for the real deal watch earl nightingale.

  7. Yaaaaay! I'm so glad I found your channel!!! I subscribed & I'm going to sign up for your free book now! Thank you so much! You posted this the day after my bday! What a awesome gift! 💃

  8. Thanks peter. Your information has helped me tremendously. Hopefully we can work together in the future on a few deals. See you at the top man!

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