Tips for Finding Serious Real Estate Investors

Marketing is the best way to get lots of real estate investment leads. Of course, everyone in this business wants to have maximum number of leads result in good business as well as reputation. To get that, you must take care of some important points. Like when any lead comes to you through any online advertisement or some newspaper then you must drive those leads into a local number even though if you are not local to them. By this, they are going to feel secure. The prospect is that people feel more secure while calling a local number than if they are calling to xxx number. The perception of an xxx number is that it may be a big company, but if it’s a local number then it must be a guy down the street who buys houses or deals in real estate.

Second thing that I recommend is start an answering service. If you have voicemail then it might be possible that you will lose 50% of your callers. Understand that motivated sellers are really thinking that nobody is there and can say that I called but nobody picked up the call. So you must have a live person for answering the calls. Also if you have a voicemail then for sure 50% of them will not leave a message.  Secondly, you may get seller’s calls at all times of the day and night and maybe it’s not always the most convenient time for you to attend the call as you could at some nice place and may be busy with someone and suddenly you get this seller call and it is very hard to switch your mental thought process to attend this call. So it is much easier if somebody else attends this call. Although there is one best answering machine that I recommend to all is whichvoip.com.

What you have to do now is give them a list of questions that you would like to be answered. A live person will attend the call and will also take the information by asking a list of questions that you have scripted. Then after reading all the details you can call them back according to your convenience. Before that as you have address and all the details you can visit the site and can collect more information about the worth of that property.  Now you can figure out how much you think you can offer for that property before talking to them. So just be prepared before talking to them either on phone or face to face.

When you get on the phone with any lead you must remember what your purpose is. At this point your purpose is not to try to sell your service to client and not to buy the property. Your first purpose on phone is to prequalify the caller. For this prequalification process should not be more than 10-15 minutes on the phone. This prequalification helps you to separate the real leads. Then you just need to truly concentrate on them.

When you will be sure that the client is really interested in selling his property or buying any property then you should continue with him with your 100% effort. Always remember one ignorance or mistake in this business will come to you with a great loss, so be aware and attentive for all your actions. So, with your serious leads, you can spend even 1 hour on phone discussing on the matter and that will be acceptable as you will gain from that call and spent time.  

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