The Ultimate Probate Real Estate System

How to get more listings so you can experience multiple commission checks. In this 2-hour power packed session, learn to overcome the lack of inventory, get the secrets to making competition a non-issue, and learn the easy way to make the lack of qualified leads vanish. – Get FREE motivated home seller leads, position yourself as the go to probate expert in your region and then follow up until the cows come home (or until you list the house) – it’s all done for you and it wont get any easier.

8 thoughts on “The Ultimate Probate Real Estate System

  1. Excellent podcast. Full of practical and real world information. Unlike Robert Kiyosaki and others, this gentleman is sharing the real sauce. Of course, in the end, he is also promoting some kind of workshop to make money off of the newbie real estate investors. Nevertheless, he has revealed the essence of the probate process and interested folks can take it from here. As I have understood it, the reason that most investors are not into probate real estate is because it is too damn time consuming hard work and requires legal knowledge.

  2. When starting in wholesaling, specifically probate, how do you access the public records at the court? What do you say to the secretary/city worker when they ask you what you're looking for? I called to find out about accessing records, they said I need a specific case number in order to access a file

  3. Hello Chris! So glad I found your channel! I'm a new investor, focusing on probate investing right here in San Diego! Its nice to know there is an experienced go-to person right here in San Diego to look to for support. I have subscribed to your channel.

  4. I'm looking for a broker to join.  I tried to tell one I was interested in this.  He said all of the people in the valley already have their realtor picked out for it.   That is a quote.  Is that possible for is it another push back to a new agent?

  5. Just subscribed to your website and your youtube channel.  This was so good, easy to follow and encouraging to implement.  Thank you.  I'm new at this but very, very interested in your teachings.  I'm excited to learn this niche. TFS!

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