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  1. Are lease purchase and subject to the same thing? What contracts are needed for subject to. Thanks in advance

  2. Like the man said…

    The grandparents take out a 2nd mortgage of 75K.
    That money goes to the grandparents and they don't need to make payments or pay interest for 6.5 years.

    So basically Todd owes 200K on the property and has the 25K in equity.
    PLUS the $600 a month.

  3. Ok, so there are a lot of things here I'm missing. Count it on the fact that I don't know what's going on but,
    1. I don't quite understand how the $75K works. Do they get $75k up front? What happens after 6.5 years?
    2. Are you kicking out the tenants who are currently paying nothing? If so, wouldn't they get upset at Grandma and Granddad for either a) having to now pay $1600 or b)leaving because they can't afford $1600?

    Your clarification is much appreciated.

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