Should Real Estate Investors Get a Real Estate License? – Should Real Estate Investors Get a Real Estate License? Find out on this very detailed video.
Also, here is the video on how to access to the MLS if you’re a real estate investor:

20 thoughts on “Should Real Estate Investors Get a Real Estate License?

  1. I hope you got paid for all your amazingly helpful videos friend. Thanks a lot it has been most helpful in the start of my business.

  2. +Phil Pustejovsky Thank God that I've seen this sooner than later, I highly appreciate these videos. They are crucial for a beginner like myself to really pay close attention to. One question, my plan is to wholesale first and today I found 5 ugly boarded up houses, not in the same neighborhood/street but around the same vicinity. Is that a good or bad? I am asking because a local mentor had said to me, "we are looking for a diamond in the rough, not in the slums". What do you think? I feel like I found potential deals but I always think of what the mentor had told me. Sorry for the long comment. Thank you!

  3. So you are saying that Zillow that spends millions of dollars cant access the MLS? Yet Joe the plumber can get access by becoming an agents assistant? Im not sure that quite makes sense but ok.

  4. Thank you Phil. I appreciate you sharing this good information with us. I also appreciate THE WAY you share. Very easy to understand. 

  5. phil thanks for these videos I have been investing mainly in flips for the past year and a half and am up about 250% from the debt I took on to get started. It is nice to go from living pay check to pay check to watching everyone else go to work while I water the lawn. Every once and a while I have a question about how to improve an aspect of my operation and many times I have found great insight in your videos. One issue in which I believe I come across quite often is finding people who are motivated. I find that people would rather work all day for peanuts then get ahead. I have been pretty much working independently and am on my 4th deal now as a full time investor. It is amazing how much is learned with each deal. The question I have is once I obtain my license do you believe it will enable me to save time when trying to create a network of individuals who are also motivated. I don't have any problems with people who are in it for a pay check I'd love to sell them all a house. I know I am very small in this so far, and to many, my own position is not even peanuts, but I don't know how to explain it once I started investing I began seeing money and opportunity everywhere not just in houses. Thanks for all the knowledge and experience you have shared with us in these videos.

  6. Hey Phil, my name is Vadim, I live in Chattanooga TN. I Would love to get involved in real estate to flip homes and own my own rental properties as well as sell houses. Any advice or guidance? I've been building my cash pool to get licensed and buy a house for 40k-50K range to rent out. I currently have 30k Cash. I would love just to talk to someone knowledgeable as you before I waste years of my life figuring out mistakes that you learned from. I'm 19 currently and love your videos! Thank you for guidance, Vadim

  7. Hi Phil … always wanted to invest in real estate but my experience to date has been with homes I have owned and lived in. My question is this… I want to sell my home without paying a commission and use the money to invest in another home… I need creative marketing and financing ideas…

  8. Hey Phil, are there any spots open for mentoring in Orlando FL?? Im about to turn 20 and i want to get started in real estate as soon as possible. Im also reading your book :)

  9. If you are going to get involved in Real Estate in California for the long run I would HIGHLY recommend that you get licensed. Also if you do not wish to be licensed you better have a very close realtor who will give you access to EVERYTHING! Too many Gurus taught people NOT to get licensed to make you feel special.

  10. I just turned 18 and have started a few businesses, if i want to learn a lot about real estate should I get my license?  Also a mentor of mine offered to pay for the test and teach me.  Is it worth the time?  I live in Wisconsin.

  11. Thanks Phil, answered what I needed to know, that all serious investors have licenses or someone close that has one

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