Secret to Flipping Houses

Secret to Flipping Houses You’re about to discover what most investors will never know about Flipping Houses. UPDATE: Many viewers have asked me very detailed… questions about what they learned from this video (see comments below).. To learn a whole lot more about Flipping Houses, go to and use the coupon code “freedommentor” to get it for free

Video Rating: / 5 You’re about to discover the biggest house flipping mistake most investors make and how to avoid it.

Video Rating: / 5

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  1. i am moving to alabama soon with a very nice inheritence since a family member passed away. i can pay for everything cash i would think i can bargain people down a bit farther. what is your experiences on buying short sale or foreclosed homes and reselling? my sister just got her money and bout a shortsale for 20000.00$ less than what was asked but apparently the property is worth 60000.00 that the asking price too. it would seem to me this is a great idea.
    i havent read much on buying and selling short sales, i am aware they will take months but is that still a possibility to get me started?

  2. wow, I am what you call a contractor investor buyer, you hit it right on the button when you said what type of people are watching this video, good stuff! I learned alot! subscribed

  3. Hey Phil great video, one question. How do you go about flipping the property to the investor contractor without them stealing from you if you haven't closed on it yet. Say for instance if you find a property on Zillow how do you present that property to them without them finding it and buying it before you do?

  4. In my country you win a LOT with that model, most houses are built with concrete pillars, renovation and esthetics with rock and other hard stuffs, u buy it a lot more than 100k but the works are very very cheaap and taxes are almost not exist.

  5. hello phil, I have been watching and learning for the last three weeks from you and have gotten more information from you then I have anywere else. I am trying to get this investor thing going but I am one with NO Money. I have come across this amazing opportunity right in my work place. I am trying to figure out how i can make money of this transaction. I have a co worker who is selling there home and the price right now is 375,000 but it was originally listed at 410 back in april when the agent put it on the market. Their house has not sold yet and houses in this same neighborhood are selling in 5 to 10 days for and for top dollar. the agent there working with has only had three offers and nothing yet. He is despite to get out what can i do to try and get this deal in my hands.???? Please help me

  6. Im tired of seeing people getting into flipping thinking they are going to make it big because they watch videos like this and see the fake tv shows. 11k profit is a joke. The people that make the real money are the contractors that are also real estate agents and buy all of there houses cash. If you dont have cash and need a loan then you should not even think about flipping. Because most of the good deals are bank owned. The bank wants only cash offers, they dont want to wait for your loan approval because there are 10 other people in line with cash. There is to much competition and the people in your aera that are already established in flipping will take you out.

  7. I have been watching all you videos and this one just sent the light to my bulb. you are amazing and I have learned exactly what I wanted to ask questions about. I was recently interested in a investor group here in Arizona called RENATUS and I found it to be some BS . Thanks you so much I will be subscribing to your site and hope to get my flipping dreams on the road .

  8. I love this information, I'm 23 years old and I work 2 jobs. But I'm tired of doing that and I really want to start making real money and living a better life. I'm determined . What other advice could you give me on how to get started doing this as a career?

  9. what advices would you give to a beginner, i have never flip houses before , i would like to start but i have no idea on how it works… how do i start?

  10. Hello Phil, my question is can the house still close without having the inspection list fixed? Don't they normally have to have some of the list fixed by licensed contractors with safety issues such as electric? Foundation? Structure? etc… Before closing on the house? Thanks…

  11. Hello Phil, I came across your videos three weeks ago and was really inspired by them. I decided to get out there and make things happen. I managed to find a house which came on the market 2 years ago at R1 500 000 (South African Rand) and the price has now gone down to R1 200 000. The owner agreed to negotiate owner financing on 50% of what he is selling for if I can come up with the other 50%.
    I asked him for all the information he was willing to share like you advised in your videos and what I have found is that he wants to get rid of the house because he is retired and he wants to travel and visit his children who live in various place around the world. He wants to use the down payment to buy a mobile home which he will live out of as he travels. He also wants to evangelize while travels. And lastly he wants to have money in the pocket to cover his monthly expenses.He enlisted the help of a few real estate agents and several months back he got rid of them. I suspect the reasons are that he has over priced the house and is refusing to lower the price.

    Now I am sitting with a potential deal, with no loans on it, where the owner has been trying to sell for the last two years and I am struggling to find the best solution for both of us. I do not yet qualify for a mortgage loan.

  12. I agree with the ideas presented in this video, my issue is, some markets don't have a big buyer pool, and several of the government loan products require the ernest money to be refundable, or here in Wisconsin with the Appraisal contingency, it would be great if this would be executable, however in a 150-250 day market, these thing could easily push that to 350= DOM.

  13. Hi Phil,

    Had my attention the whole time . Great work

    I was understanding it as my mortgage guy would simply underwrite , you recommend that I request a credit inquiry on the buyer as well?
    Selling my house


  14. The problem with a requirement to get pre-approved by a specific lender is that it isn't a full credit check so the prospective buyer can lie or omit things related to their finances and until their credit is pulled, you'll never know.  So they can tell your lender they make 100k when they really only make 60k or that they have 10k in debt when they really have 50k and you won't know any of that til credit is pulled and that doesn't happen on a quick pre-approval.

  15. Why is it that if I google flipping houses and some of the top articles I read are flippers saying they buy most of their flips from the mls? Why are these people not working on finding motivated sellers?

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