Rich Dad’s Advisors®: The ABC’s of Real Estate Investing – Book Summary

Rich Dad’s Advisors®: The ABC’s of Real Estate Investing – Book Summary
Video Rating: / 5 – Reading Real Estate Investing Books Will Make You A Better Real Estate Investor. Put These Real Estate Investment Books on Your Need-To-Read List.

Hi, this is Frank Chen with, the only site you need as a real estate investor. Today I’ve got a quick video covering popular real estate investing books that I believe will make you a more successful real estate investor…

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kyosaki

* Two perspectives –
*The everyday hard working parent – who believes in savings but is weary of investing vs. the smart working parent who uses their money to make more money
* This book has the capability of changing one’s thinking to influence one’s fortune

2. How I turned ,000 into Five Million in Real Estate in My Spare Time – William Nickerson

* It does not have any methods to get rich quickly.
* This real estate investment book is full of simple advices and strategies. It contains proven techniques of real estate investing, which are designed to provide positive results.

3. Nothing Down for the 90s – Robert Allen

* Excellent for beginners or experienced investors
* Use real estate to build monthly income
* Guarantee and secure your retirement
* Find and profit from foreclosures before they are publicly listed
* Increase property value
* Obtain direct, legal tax cuts
* Develop effective negotiation techniques, and much more

4. Landlording: A Handy-manual for Scrupulous Landlords and Landladies Who Do It Themselves – Leigh Robinson

* Popular landlording book that provides great tips on how to better manage your rental properties, how to attract and keep good tenants, and make good landlording decisions.

5. 5 Magic Paths to Making a Fortune in Real Estate – Robert Lumley

* offers simple, straightforward explanations of the most common and lucrative approaches to property investment–including fixer-uppers, lease/options, wholesales, buy-and-hold, and single-and multifamily rentals.
* Find foreclosed, repossessed, or condemned properties, Negotiate with sellers and buyers, etc…

6. The Pre-foreclosure Property Investor’s Kit – Thomas Lucier

* offers step-by-step instruction and no-nonsense advice on how to find great deals, estimate fair market value, negotiate with sellers, sell your property on your own, and win big in real estate. Teach you how to utilize simple ready-made worksheets, checklists, forms, and agreements.

7. Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors – John T. Reed

* This real estate investor book covers every aspect of the real estate market, telling how to avoid paying taxes–legally–in order to make the most out of land and property investments

8. The 16% Solution – J.D. Joel S. Moskowitz

* Explains what tax lien certificates are (liens against property for unpaid taxes), why they are safe (certain states insure them), and how they fit into an overall financial plan.

9. Perpetual Income – Bryan Wittenmyer

* explains in detail how to build cash flow from lower end houses and apartment properties. Not slum property, just simple housing for folks on lower income budgets.

10. Land Trusts for Privacy & Profit – Mark Warda

* real estate book explains the uses and benefits of “Illinois-type” land trusts. It explains in detail all the steps from setting up to closing down a trust and includes 29 different legal forms. These include deeds, a trust, amendments to the trust, financing forms, tax forms and many more. Includes relevant statutes and court cases from all 50 states.

11. How to Buy and Sell Apartment Buildings – Eugene E. Velucci

* Gauge markets so you know when to buy or sell
* Develop a marketing plan to maximize profits when selling
* Take advantage of all the recent tax law changes
* Put together an asset protection plan that’ll make you judgment-proof

Think and Grow Rich – Napolean Hill
Richest Man in Babylon – George S. Clason
Multiple Streams of Income – Robert G. Allen
E-Myth Series – Michael Gerber

In summary, educating yourself and following the strategies of successful entrepreneurs will only make you a stronger real estate investor. Many of these real estate investor books, will change your perspective on how to approach real estate investing, and creatively setup proven strategies that will put extra cash in your pocket. Knowledge is power, so absorb as much as possible.

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10 thoughts on “Rich Dad’s Advisors®: The ABC’s of Real Estate Investing – Book Summary

  1. The dummy books are good a good place to start. The books we recommend are more for supplement and further growth. Hope this helps, and thanks for watching.

  2. I am a beginning investor, haven't even done a deal yet and you didn't mention anything about the real estate investing for dummies books. What do you think about these series of books?

  3. Hi there the other book you could add is Roberts kiyosaki's real book of real estate. I am just about to finish it and it is really good.

  4. Great list. I would add only one other book. That's Frank Gallinelli's "What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow…and 36 Other Key Financial Measures" Gallinelli walks you through all the financial analysis tools with wit, humor, easy examples & terrific explanations. Even a novice will quickly understand cap rates, discounting, ROI and the other tools.

  5. "Rich Dad Poor Dad" was a great read, really changed my perspective on what it means to have a mindset of wealth, which is a whole lot more than just having a lot of money. And really turned me on to real estate investing as well!

  6. Great list! Have added to Favourites so I come back to it later. By the way, have you read Unfair Advantage by Robert Kiyosaki? I'm reading it and I think it's 10x better than the original Rich Dad Poor Dad, which is essential reading as well. It's also fresh off the presses, so it has a great section on what's going on today in the world economy.

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