– Learn To Buy & Sell Rent To Own Homes – Real Estate Investing Secrets eBook

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Chances are, if you’re reading this letter, that you’d like to know how to buy a home of your own or learn how to make serious money investing in Real Estate… Am I right?

Do you want to make over $100,000 a year investing “Part Time” in Rent To Own Real Estate? This is how I do it-

I learned from some of the best Rent To Own investors in SC. In 2004, I worked as a bartender. I kept hearing these great stories from a couple of local real estate investors on how they were making all this money just part time.

I started picking their brains about different strategies and reading anything I could get my hands on about real estate investing. I was determined to become a successful real estate investor.

In the last 6 years, I have spent over $48,000 Dollars on my personal Real Estate Investment education. I’ve read more than 75 books, attended Courses, Seminars, Boot Camps, Personal Coaching Programs and have closed more than 60 deals!

As a result of my education and experience, I realized that 85% of the training I received was simply regurgitated information.

After much trial and error, I synthesized a system that allows me to make over $10,625 a month in Real Estate working part time from my Home Office. As mentioned previously, that’s over $127,000 a year and does not include my "Rehabs" that make me an average of $20,000 or my "Wholesales" that make me an average of $7,000.

I do Rent To Own, Wholesales, Pre-Foreclosures, Rehabs, Lease Options, Used Private Money, Commercial Money, Rentals and I’m still active to this day! In addition, I own several Real Estate websites that makes me thousands…

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