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The Real Smart IRA and Guide to Alternative Investments How to Inflation-Proof Portfolios with Alternative Investments by Gene Curry, CFP

The price of energy, food and more are headed skyward! Inflation has arrived! The economy is in the tank and someone is getting rich, and ain’t you. And despite the Fed’s outright denial, inflation has arrived with a vengeance. The 1970’s stagflation years are being re-played. It could get much worse, before it gets better. You need to protect yourself from a collapsing dollar and preserve your standard of living. Our government wants inflation to get out from under unsustainable debt, Wall Street does not have your back, and traditional investment strategies alone, will not work. You must understand what you are up against and take approriate action. Like the 1970s, those owning gold, commodities, real estate and other hard assets, will beneift from catastrophe. You need to inflation-proof personal and retirement portfolios and profit with proven financial techniques and appropriate alternative investments including:

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