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Clever Investor ( presents another free training for real estate investors. Learn how to negotiate with motivated sellers and get them to sell at a discount by deploying Clever Investor's 5 Steps To A Close technique. Negotiating with sellers is easy if you have the right education. If you are interested in learning how to invest in real estate that check out our website and get valuable real estate investing education for FREE. Clever Investors 5 Steps To A Close Step #1 – Build Rapport Through Active Listening Step #2 – Agitate The Sellers Housing Pain Step #3 – Bring The Seller Into The Present Step #4 – Get The Seller To Say "Yes" Step #5 – Tell The Seller "HOW" They Are Going To Do Business With You It does not matter if you are an experienced real estate investor…or just getting started, using Clever Investor's 5 steps to a close techniques will get you more real estate deals. Negotiating is all about confidence, and positioning. Get the confidence you are searching for by educating yourself with our FREE training. Cody Sperber is a master real estate investor and educator from Phoenix, Arizona. Over the last 8+ years he has built a multi-million dollar business with the investing tactics he teaches at If you are interested in being personally mentored by Cody visit http For a detailed training on how to negotiate like a pro visit Cody Sperber's real estate investing blog at
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