Real Estate Investment Strategies

Orange County real estate investor and Realtor Gabe Cole presents two different investment strategies to take advantage of the opportunities in today’s real estate market. The long term buy and hold has been proven time and time again as a great long term wealth builder. The Fannie Mae Homepath program is a fabulous opportunity to purchase investment property with less money out of pocket.

The short term buy and flip model is still alive and well and Gabe shows you the strategy he is implementing with some of his clients to take advantage and profit in with this model.

Should you have any questions or would like more information about real estate and investing, feel free to contact Gabe Cole at 949.395.4223 or visit his website at

19 thoughts on “Real Estate Investment Strategies

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  2. Which cities/areas do you guys think got the best potential for real estate to come back(growth)? and your reasons behind it please.
    I am moving, and thinking about moving to some cities that got great potential for real estate in the next 10,20 years. Not sure if it's wise to move just based on the real estate market there, but it is a great time to invest in RE now right? I think 50% on my decision will be based on if I like the city/state, and 50% on how good the real estate is there. thanks

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