Real Estate Investing with No Money – Real Estate Investing Made Easy #16


Check out this case study and learn about Freedom Funding and how you can invest in Real Estate with none of your own money.

Real Estate Investing with No Money

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7 thoughts on “Real Estate Investing with No Money – Real Estate Investing Made Easy #16

  1. Hi Josh. I learned your a Giant in the real estate world, I would like you be my coach….if your are taking student please let me know how to get to you…waiting for your reply thank you….frank

  2. ur gonna hate me…Josh…i so am a Fan of you for last 3.5 years….got burned in the 2008 real estate melt down….was trained Ron LeGrand..Robert Allen back in the day did Many deal…lost i all in 2008 crash….just tipping my toe back in now…but…i was part owner of a tv/video production company for 3 years and filmed All the Top Motivationaal Speaking men and Women except Toni Robbins…and i have to share with u…a camera fopa…as they say…Information was Great…but…u must Button ur sleeves next time..Very distracting for fashion people…which is 65% of ur audience…just a note to self help as a friend and follower…u dont usually dress up…I get that…but when u do….just a tip from a friend…look forward to us doing business and meeting in person…my name is donald tardiff..I have worked with Robert Allen Personally in the Past and Preston Ely before he got his start…I am the Real deal as they say…would like to talk to u 1 on 1 if u are open to it and feel i am somemarketing ideas that could explode ur business as well….thanks for ur time..

  3. How best to create portfolio of 3 current rental properties to refi and get cash toward purchase 4th rental, current rates?

  4. If I understand this correctly, we have to pay for the first draw of the rehab and will get reimbursed at a later date? Plus some websites require you to enter a credit card so if you win an acceptable bid they charge your cc a certain amount. Am I correct here? Also we pay for the appraisal? Your answers to these questions are important.

  5. Great video Josh, are you still taking students to coach? I would like to see more vids on how to acquire these properties in southern Cali, a lot of competition here. Thanks:)

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