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An interesting question was posed to me recently by a friend and self-proclaimed anti-guru, let’s call him Cody. What is the best real estate investing educational product?

As a veteran of boot camps, webinars, and one who has truly spent tens of thousands (my wife calls all the pretty leather binders etc in my book case my “wall of shame”), one thing I can truly say is whatever program lights a fire under your rear to take action is viable. I have learned valuable nuggets from many, but most importantly, that it is truly a process. One that starts with mind set, which often times can take a great while for a great many of us. It is also important to note that you must continue to educate yourself and stay in the conversation. Each so called guru typically has several things in common, foremost is they are action takers, which is only rivaled by the size of their respective libraries. They are voracious readers, (with those more technically inclined using mp3 audio books, iPods and iPads; turning their vehicles into mobile universities) which I was not, until stopping to realize this common traits of the successful. Ultimately, we must understand that it is not an overnight process (regardless of your success in other industries). Such false expectations would be nothing short of a recipe for failure which might then lead to erroneous claims that whatever program you were following didn’t work, or was a scam. I have learned a great deal from a great many. I have learned to surround myself with like minded and serious pro’s and eliminate the negative Nellies from my circle (yes, or perhaps – especially the ones who are family or friends). As for the best, it’s all relative to the individual.

Personally there are many that have provided me with knowledge and value and who have put me on path to find the coveted “yellow brick road” or “Definitive Purpose” in the words of Dr. Napoleon Hill; even though I achieved what many would consider substantial success prior. A lesson learned early on in this process went a long way… Don’t ask about cost, conduct your diligence and learn what it will pay you. $ 20K – $ 30K is a great deal of money to most, yet when you can complete just one transaction and get your money back with a profit; especially now during the greatest RE fire sale in our history, maybe it’s not really that much.

Ultimately, the afore mentioned mentors have led me to find my passion. It’s not about the money, it’s about the positive impact I have on the lives of others (yet another lesson learned). Every mentor would recite those same words, and many followers would refute same simply stating it’s easy for them to say because they’ve got money. Yes it is difficult to dream about tomorrow when you can’t eat today; but then again, that is the true test isn’t it? What are you willing to settle for and what are you willing to do to change your circumstances? We don’t plan to fail, yet most simply fail to plan. For a guy who used to handle everything by the seat of his pants, that may very well have been the biggest lesson learned. To settle for less is simply not an option for me. What about you?

Sam Ally is a resourceful Real Estate Investor, Social-Preneur, Speaker and Coach. He is passionate about empowering others with the knowledge, resources and opportunities to excel. Utilizing time tested and proven strategies, Sam specializes in presenting innovative, real-estate based investment solutions to his clientele that intelligently and ethically leverage the current economic crisis into high annualized returns with low risk.

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