Real Estate Investing 101 What Every Investor Must Know

Previously private and hidden, the demand has finally required VIP Financial Education to share this fabulous class with the public. Watch nationally renowned real estate experts Matthew Pillmore and Charles Roberts break down how investors of all experience levels can grow wealth by investing while beating the banks at their own game. founder Phil Pustejovsky shares Real Estate Investing 101
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19 thoughts on “Real Estate Investing 101 What Every Investor Must Know

  1. The reason I want to get into real estate is I'm part of a gaming community.  Team houses and e-sports are becoming a rage these days and I figured it would be quite profitable.  With the circumstances of the US and cheap real estate, I could easily convert a property with the right deal and tenants.

  2. Hi Phil, I am a 20 year old college student who is interested in Real Estate Investing and Flipping Houses.  I've watched a few of your videos and they immediately turned me on to getting into the game.  I hope to learn a lot from your videos and may even look into your program. 

  3. Phil, I'm currently trying to purchase my first home from my landlord through an owner finance deal (not sure if he's ever done an OF). He's owned the house for almost 30 years and has a mortgage on the property.

    I asked him, "if I could guarantee 4-5% interest, take care of all the maintenance cost and repairs, pay on the fist of the month with no hassle, could I pay you instead of the bank?" 

    He came back and said, "If I were to sell, I'd want the sale complete. We would not carry any part of the mortgage." 

    Please help. What are the next questions I need to ask? Thank you! 

  4. Hey Phil, awesome video(s), I have a chance to buy a house that already has positive cash flow and I'm a little concerned that someone would just hand me what essentially a small business for nothing so I though I'd run it by you – if you ever get the chance:) Thanx!

  5. There are so many different ways to do real estate ..buying,selling,flipping,wholesale…What's the first thing I should do to get started in real estate??

  6. Hi, I have made my first real estate investment which overall reduces my weekly expenses by $100 a week, freedom here I come. Thanks Phil

  7. Me and my friend are 16 and 17 years old. We want to buy our first property at 18.. Thank you for providing so much information.. also i love your book

  8. Hi Phil I am very interested in having you as a mentor. I filled out the application on your site but it keeps saying '' oop's not complete''. Please let me know what the next steps are. Thanks

  9. Phil I was in the insurance business but recently I have been thinking that I am better suited for real estate and mortgages simply because I am so much more passionate about homes. The only issue is which would you recommend I go for? I would get into real estate investing but I honestly don't have the money to get into that. What would you recommend?

  10. I have this book and I plan to read it again, but this time I will read it and follow the videos on YouTube. Thanks Phil! I will have plenty of questions for you later on!

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