Real Estate Funds – How It Works

Find out how real estate funds work in this video… To learn more real estate funding, visit –
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How Hedge Funds Make Big Profits in Real Estate

Learn why and how hedge funds are entering the residential real estate market to make big profits with single family houses.
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4 thoughts on “Real Estate Funds – How It Works

  1. Travis, great questions.

    I'm not an expert on hedge fund exit strategies, but I think it looks like most hedge funds are going to bundle their rental properties and sell the income streams off to other institutional funds. Which means they'd keep the properties for longer and not dump them.

    But even the funds that do sell properties will probably sell into a shortage of starter housing in many markets, which means it probably wouldn't have a drastic affect downward on price.

  2. What do you think about some fears that some of these hedge funds are going to dump properties off at an alarming rate and bring the market back down? Also I think going into this plan these inverters were looking at 5-10 years but the maket has bounced back much quicket than I think most have thought.

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