Pros and Cons of being a real estate agent

Pros and Cons of being a real estate agent. Considering a career in real estate? Listen as Susan Milner discussing both pros and cons associated with being a real estate agent.
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20 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of being a real estate agent

  1. I'm 19, and I'm heavily interested in becoming a real estate agent. any tips for teens that are just starting off?

  2. You did a wonderful job explaining the pros and cons of being a real estate agent.  I have thought about pursuing this field for roughly the last 12 years mostly to start on a part-time basis.  But I have been warned more than once to not do so because it takes becoming involved a 100% to become successful.  Since starting my current video business this year that I do part time, which hasn't been successful thus far.  I have given it even more thought.

  3. not only you are hot. but the way you explain things makes you sound really smart!! i want to become a real state, and you just spiked my eagerness into it..

  4. Thinking about getting into real estate industry. Pros outweigh cons but the cons could end your career. Informative video, thank you.

  5. Really informative video, I am starting the journey into real estate… my husband supports me and we can rely on his income alone, taking the exam this Fall, very excited!

  6. I'm about to turn 18 I want to become a realstate agent sience I was 10, I just think is my ideal buissnes my uncle does realstate I met many brokers and agents and I just love it!
    What's your best advice for me to start who should I work for remax…
    I love people, selling, and apartments 

  7. Excellent points. These are some things that I wish I had known when I became licensed in 2005.  Thanks

  8. Hello. I really enjoyed you're video. I felt as if you were talking to me haha. I've been thinking about going into real estate for a few months now. This makes me want it even more. You're very positive and it seems like you're honest with the cons, I really appreciate them. I actually want to move out of North Carolina, not sure if that's a good idea when trying to become a real estate since I would know more people here than anywhere else. Thanking you for making this video! 

  9. Thanks for the inspiring video, Really appreciated it  =D
    Currently Studying my 2nd Masters and still considering a degree in Real Estate and Property, your video really clarified alot of questions =D

  10. I really want to be a real estate agent! But before I go for it I need to ask do you earn enough to make a living?

  11. If I'm licensed in the state of New Jersey, am I allow to sales houses any other state thru out

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