Property Investing, how to pay off your mortgage in 8 to 10 years by Simon Zutshi

In this video Simon Zutshi, the founder of the Property Investors Network, shares some simple tips on how to release the equity you may have in your own home. Using diagrams, Simon shows how it’s possible to re-invest the equity and pay off your own mortgage within ten years. He explains that the way to be more successful is to learn how to manage debt as well as wealth. Simon offers great techniques to help property investors gain better results.

18 thoughts on “Property Investing, how to pay off your mortgage in 8 to 10 years by Simon Zutshi

  1. The "Property Market" is always changing and is in a constant "State of Flux" this has caused a ripple effect dye to the rising property market throughout the U.K. However the rental market is heating up and the rents are rising on a persistent basis. Don't just take my word for it, do your own research and yes there is a chance that interest rates may rise within the next 2 -5 _years. However "Property Investment" is always a long-term asset.

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  3. Julian all I can say is you property must only be back to near what it was. But that would be a good return to use by getting a new aprisal and getting more money out to put down on more properties. My own property has only gone up 6% in 6 years.

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  6. Well this would work if the property did double in value every 8 to 10 years but it doesn't. Just look how devalued houses are right now 6 years after the housing bubble burst. They have lost about 30% of their value.

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  12. How do you get 100k in the first place??????? any idea ?? I started with nothing and endup owned 500k house , the people that have 100k cash they simply know what to do with that cash already. My point is you must save up to 20% deposit for each investment property and sure the rent is cover the interest and principle for the 80% loan and then save up again or use equity the deposit the next investment property I Am not recomm for equity. the best way to save cash for 20% deposit

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