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BRITISH COLUMBIA is the California of Canada and Vancouver is its San Francisco
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Ad from the back pages of the March 1913 issue of British Columbia Magazine.

Full text:

BRITISH COLUMBIA is the California of Canada and Vancouver is its San Francisco

Proof of the above statement is found in its geographical location its climatic conditions its fruit products its wealth of scenery, expressed in ocean, river, harbor, lake, mountain, valley, plain everything from snow-capped peaks to bathing.
BRITISH COLUMBIA is Western Canada’s treasure province, with its forests, fisheries, minerals and agricultural lands. These are the wealth of our nation.
You read and hear about this place and that place going to be a railway terminal city, but VANCOUVER is the real Terminal City. Railways can not pass Vancouver by It is the inevitable Pacific Coast terminal of transcontinental roads desiring a port on the Canadian Pacific coast—here right in the city not twelve, fifteen or twenty miles away.
VANCOUVER is the Liverpool of the Pacific where railroads meet the sea, whose destiny is linked with the Panama Canal. She holds the key to Western Canada, letting in and out the commerce of the world. Study the map.
Manufacturers, Homeseekers or Investors cannot ignore Vancouver. That is why it is a safe place to invest, and that is why we are recommending it to you.
We are not handling townsites, although some of them have merit. We are telling you of a city—a city with a present and with a big future. We want you to investigate. The more thorough the investigation the more you will be convinced that this is the place.
Back of these statements is the courage of our convictions, the faith we have in Vancouver—and it is not a vision or a dream—it is based on facts.
There is only one real answer or conclusion, and that is—Vancouver’s present is sound and its future is very bright.
You cannot in justice to yourself ignore the opportunities Vancouver offers you.
If we cannot prove this to you, then is our preaching vain.
Of course you can make a mistake in buying here. You must know where to buy, what to buy, how much to buy, and that the price is right.
That is where our guaranteed security policy of investments protects you. That is why you need our chain of protection. We guarantee security of investments. As a public trust it is our duty to protect you.
We also act as agents for clients for the investment of funds in first mortgages on improved real estate in Vancouver.
We act in all trust capacities.

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The Acadia Trust Company Limited
H. L. BEAMAN, Manager Real Estate Department
150 Hastings Street East VANCOUVER, CANADA

Architecturally perfect
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Image by designestates
The apartments were designed by award-winning architect Ellens and Whitfield. Interdeco were consulted on the architectural interior design of the building. By combining their talents, 7 on Poynton brings investors pure luxury, visually aesthetic pleasure and superior quality. During the planning phase, Design Estates worked closely with the architect to address ease of use, comfort, security and, of course, unique and alluring design. The result of this careful analysis and design is a distinct and modern development, with a logical layout and magazine cover appeal.

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