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A quick and simple way to start making money as a real estate investor without investing a dime or using your credit. You can start this method today and make money, very, very quickly. This audio series will show you the basic method and then go on to show you how to automate that process with Internet Marketing so that you can create consistant, reliable income every week. To sign up for the series, go to

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You can make a nice chunk of cash in real estate by using the “For Rent Method”. I’ll explain what it is and how it works here.

“Can you explain the “For Rent Method” for me? Can it really make me thousands of dollars in a few short days? I need money now.” – Christie Lambert, Seattle, Washington

Joe: I don’t think you’re any different than most of the people that are watching these videos – you want to get to the money as quickly as possible, and absolutely – you can make money with the “For Rent Method”. And that’s why it’s the first thing that I teach in my “Push Button Method”.

Joe: When you look at the quick start video, it’s about the For Rent Method. When I have somebody start with my partner mentor program (my “Six Month Mentor Program”) I always start them with the For Rent Method. When we go to the buying event, I always start the buying event teaching the For Rent Method because it’s one of the quickest easiest ways to get money very quickly.

Joe: I’ve seen people make money using this method in five minutes, making thousands of dollars in five minutes. Those are people that are more advanced and they already have the infrastructure set up and they have their list built (because you can sell this very quickly). But I’ve also seen people that started from scratch, brand new people make this thing happen within a week. So, it doesn’t take long to make this happen.

Joe: Let me tell you the structure of how the For Rent Method works. When we’re not automating this process (because there’s ways to automate this process, too) this is what I start everybody with, because I think you need to go through the grunt work a little bit to understand the whole process; you’ve got to walk before you can run. So what I do is I have them get on the phone and call people that have their homes listed for rent and then ask those people, ‘Hey, would you consider selling your home rent to buy rather than just renting it?’ And we find that one in three of those people immediately say, ‘Yes, I would consider that.’

Joe: So what we do is we give them what I call the lease option memo. It’s a one page, very easy to read memo and easy to sign because it doesn’t obligate them to anything. We have them sign that, and essentially it’s a lease option that gives us the right as the investor to assign that right to buy to someone else, to another buyer. So we’ll take that lease option – that makes us a principle in the transaction.

Joe: And that, by the way, is what makes it possible for us to be legal doing this. If you don’t use that document, you’re not going to be legal. You have to be a principle in the transaction or you have to have a license to be able to represent that seller. You’re not representing the seller if you’re doing it my way – you’re becoming a principle in the transaction which makes it possible for you to do it legally and go out and sell that property to another buyer.

Joe: Once we get that lease option memo, then we go out and we find a lease option buyer. I have some amazing marketing techniques that make that happen quickly. As this video series goes on, we’re going to be talking about those techniques to find those buyers quickly and easily and with very little money. We’ll put our marketing out there, and we get a lease option buyer usually within a week or two weeks, almost always within 30 days, assuming that the deal was put together properly. We then ask that buyer to give us a lease option fee and the first month’s rent.

Joe: So, let’s say we have a property that’s worth 0,000. We’ll ask them for a ,000 lease option fee and the first month’s rent. Let’s say it’s a ,200 a month deal. We’ll get ,000 in one check, ,200 in another check and we keep the ,000 – that’s our profit in the deal. The ,200 goes onto the landlord. He gets that in the deal plus he gets full price. If he wanted 0,000 for his property, we are going to go out there and sell it for 155 even if it’s only worth 150, because….

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  1. hi Mr Joe im from nj i got pretty exciting watching your video on youtube,no idea about real estate im really interesting and i dont know what to do,where can i start i just dont know plz help me out

  2. ok… I have been asking on some of your videos… are you still DOING this?!?! this was uploaded 4 YEARS ago!!! do you have anything RECENT?!? or… have you stopped doing this? just wondering if this "plan" really works?!?

  3. Seller Financing More Restrictive After January 10, 2014
    Posted on August 29, 2013 by Denise L. Evans
    Effective January 10, 2014, all seller financing must include the services of a licensed mortgage loan originator. The licensed originator can be the seller, or a 3rd party hired for that purpose.  The rules apply to regular sales and mortgages, plus bond for title, land sale contract, vendor’s lien deed, lease/options where part of the lease payment is credited to the purchase price, and similar transactions. All require licensing, unless you come under one of the “safe harbor” exceptions described below.

    There are only two exceptions to the rule. One is called the Three-Property Exclusion, and the other is called the One-Property Exclusion.

    The Three-Property Exclusion is available to individuals, partnerships, corporations, LLCs, estates, trusts, and similar entities. If the financed sale is a residence, then developers and contractors who built the residences being sold cannot take advantage of this exclusion. Sellers can finance up to three properties in any 12-month period. The financing must be fully amortizing, with no balloons or negative amortization. The interest rate must be fixed, or adjusted only after five years.  There are no requirements for how much to adjust, but the safest course is suggested to be annual caps of 2% and a lifetime cap of 6%. Also, the seller must determine in good faith the borrower can make the mortgage payments.

    The One-Property Exclusion is available ONLY for individuals. It is like the Three-Property Exclusion, except that balloon mortgages are allowed, and the interest rate can adjust from the very beginning, without having to wait five years.

    These rules take the place of the Alabama State Banking Department Interim Rule, and its Five Property Exclusion. After January 10, 2014, there will no longer be a Five Property Exclusion.

    Be aware, also, that if you make 2 or 3 high-cost loans as described in the Homeownership and Equity Protection Act (HOEPA) you are considered a loan originator and cannot use the safe harbors described above, and are also subject to the Truth in Lending Act.   See more guidance on that issue HERE

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  4. Oh shit I just signed up a $600,000 house and I don't have enough money to sign up for the mentor Program. He signed the lease/option agreement memo Wow I hope I can find a buyer tenant for this one then I'll have the money for the mentor program …… I'll be full time in no time. Keeping my fingers crossed and busting my ass in Florida. 😀 

  5. OMG I only spent about 2 1/2 hours making phone calls this morning and I've already emailed out 2 memo's to be signed and have an appointment to look at a house next Tue. with folks who want to sell rent to own. I haven't made a deal yet but jeez I'm amazed at the progress I've already made, people really want to do this. 

  6. So what happens when the tenant still doesnt qualify for the loan to purchase? The owner just keeps accepting rent? What happens when the tenant doesnt take care of the property – like so many other distressed sittuations, where they stop paying, taking care of the property etc?

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