Investing in Real Estate with No Money Down | BiggerPockets Podcast #92

Investing in Real Estate with No Money Down | BiggerPockets Podcast #92

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What would you do if you didn’t need money to invest in real estate anymore?

Is there such a thing as Investing in Real Estate with No Money Down?

Can you really buy real estate without cash or credit?

That’s the question we tackle today on the BiggerPockets Podcast as we interview one of our own… Brandon Turner, to learn how he’s purchased over ,000,000 of real estate with almost no money of his own! Brandon, although co-host on the BiggerPockets Podcast, is also an avid real estate investor who rarely-if-ever puts his own money into his deals. In this groundbreaking episode, Josh interviews Brandon about how he built his business using creativity rather than cash and the lessons that he learned along the way.

This episode will leave you inspired, refreshed, and with a laundry list of new ideas to use in your investing business to invest with less (or none) of your own cash!

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15 thoughts on “Investing in Real Estate with No Money Down | BiggerPockets Podcast #92

  1. new investors can learn a lot at biggerpockets. I am wholesaling houses in st Louis and Kansas city and I sold one house to another biggerpockets member. He purchased it below value and will make money. my site www ihavewholesalehomes dot com

  2. How do you buy a 500 grand apartment complex with a minimum wage job? You made like some money on other houses but I don't understand. 

  3. Really loved the show. I will be joining Bigger Pockets. I have been collecting real estate info for about 2 weeks now. My only issue is I am penny-less from a long hard divorce which cause me to loose my job, my money, my car and contact with my daughter. I really want to regain what I once had and be a better person for my Kids. I am now taking anti-depressants for my clinical depression and am filling more inspired to change my life for the better. So thanks for the shows. They are very helpful and informative. JC

  4. I dig it. I've been looking for ways to invest my money and you've sparked my interest. I've subscribed and look forward to watching more of your videos. 

  5. Great podcast man! I will be revisiting it in the future. I want to go to other countries and do real estate. Dubai, Ethiopia and Brasil. I have been to all these places and have some good connections there…

  6. hey biggerpockets. I have a question, in the interview you say you have and LLC for every rental property and you have different LLCs for different partners. my questions is what is the LLC for? and Why do you have seprate LLCs for different partners. I tried looking for this on the forum but had no luck. if you have a link that would be great. Thanks again guys.

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