How To Wholesale Real Estate – Step By Step

How To Wholesale Real Estate
Cody Sperber from shows you how to wholesale real estate step by step. Flipping properties with no money or credit is possible and with the free real estate investor training you get from Wholesaling real estate is the process of finding and controlling deeply discounted real estate then flipping it to a cash buyer. In this training video Cody Sperber teaches you “what is wholesaling”, “the evolution of a wholesale deal”, “the two different closing techniques most real estate wholesalers use”, and “how does a real estate wholesaler make money”. Plus as a bonus Cody shares two of his real life case studies. One where he using the Assignment method to close, and one where he uses the Double Close method. (This training video is part of Clever Investor’s Start Closing Deals video series found at http Also check out our real estate investing blog at http
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