How To Wholesale Real Estate – Step By Step

Cody Sperber from Clever Investor shows you how to wholesale real estate step by step. Flipping properties with no money or credit is possible and with the free real estate investor training you get right here

Wholesaling real estate is the process of finding and controlling deeply discounted real estate then flipping it to a cash buyer. In this training video Cody Sperber teaches you “what is wholesaling”, “the evolution of a wholesale deal”, “the two different closing techniques most real estate wholesalers use”, and “how does a real estate wholesaler make money”.

Plus as a bonus Cody shares two of his real life case studies. One where he using the Assignment method to close, and one where he uses the Double Close method.

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40 thoughts on “How To Wholesale Real Estate – Step By Step

  1. hey! loved the video very informative…question though is how do you find the types of houses? i.e. where people need to leave in a hurry. Also what is the best way to find other investors in your area?

  2. Brand new in this idea of business. I have a couple questions. Do you write up the paperwork yourself? Where and how do you search/find the properties you're interested in flipping? Also, how do you find an interested cash buyer for these properties? Thanks for the considerstion in advance and thanks for the video!

  3. In your 19211 N. 92nd Ave. in Peoria, AZ example. You said your profit was $15,000. How much did you have to pay for the 2 simultaneous closings? How much did that eat in to your $15,000 profit?

  4. @cleverinvestor when u closed the $115,000 deal, how much did your closing agent make from this deal? did his cut come from the motivated seller? enjoyed this video! i wrote everything u said down, step by step? thanks a lot!

  5. In order to have a piece of real estate under contract, does it require to be bought? I'm confused as to how you don't use your own money. Are you getting a loan and then paying it off? Please help!

  6. Awesome clarification. I am a newbie CAP student of Josh Cantwell on the 40K Flip and the video clarified a few questions I have on wholesaling properties.Ben from Pago Pago, American Samoa

  7. CODY,I'm Telling You This Now Because I Hope It Is Timed Stamped.Sorry To Tell You That You Are Just RELEASING Your Info. At A Pace To Slow For Me As I Am More Advanced. So I Will Be Contacting You In The Morning 9am-12pm Your Time,,
    Don't Want To Say More Here Out Of Respect! Talk Soon P.B.

  8. What happens if I want to wholesale a home that the owner bought for 125k and they still owe 115k on the property? they have two mortgages. one for 81k and the other for 34k……………..thank you Cody!

  9. I truly enjoyed this step-by-step training and would love to see more videos from you. My husband and I went to a class last night and met with some flippers and wholesalers and wanted to compare the information. I like your wholesale method. Thank you.

  10. How can I do my first wholesale deal without any funds? I understand you can get it under contract, but doesn't the owner want to know you are able to pay? Would they want to have the money in hand before signing a contract? +100 Percent Financed

  11. Hi Juan thanks for all the info your putting out there !! My question is in one of your later videos you talk about doing a cash out refinance loan on your investment properties, How are you able to do this on them and do you list them as you primary residence to qualify for the home equity loan ?

  12. I live in Brighton Heights!  Awesome video man, I'm just starting out in this field.  Looking forward to watching more videos!

  13. Where are you getting the addresses to mail to? I am starting and basically want to know the most effective way to get this list on a small budget or are you mailing places you have driven by

  14. How do you find the homeowner. I have over (30) Thirty leads of vacant properties and can't find the owner, I've been down to tax assessor's office and they gave me the run-a-round, I have a script, I know what to say, I know I how fill out a contract, and I know how to calculate (ARV) to make an offer, all I need is to find the owners, how do I find these owners to get my FIRST DEAL, Thanks for your teaching and your time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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