How To Wholesale Flip Houses: It’s Not That Difficult To Get Your Free Report With My Top 5 Tools Used To Wholesale Properties.

In this video I break down the wholesaling/Flipping Properties format. Most people make this out to be very complicated but with the right education, you can make this possible.

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Flip That Contract is a wholesale real estate training program. Flip That Contract helps new and experienced investors hit the ground running, and/or increase their productivity.
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17 thoughts on “How To Wholesale Flip Houses: It’s Not That Difficult

  1. What can I do if the seller is requiring a Proof of funds from me, the wholesaler, before agreeing with the contract?

  2. THE MOST SIMPLE WAY TO EXPLAIN THAT.THANKS..and I have some questions for you!!Hahahahaha.Can you tell me where to send you those questions??

  3. i have bad credit can i still sign that contract ? I'm new to this and I'm broke but even dough I'm broke i have a goo vision I'm a great leader and a good sales person i just need to work on saving my money. but do i need good credit for this job?

  4. I'm sure this guy means well but Wholesaling and Flipping other people's homes is indeed complicated and has the potential to land any money hungry moron here in a serious lawsuit by the seller if he or she finds out you are doing this. Also, there are title insurance fees which he did not disclose on his video explanation. I do not doubt he does this for a living, but there are many people with no hope thinking they can do it and will be in some sort of "gravy train". Heck, if I sell my home I want money on the spot or within a weeks time, and I will not let the "buyer" run "some numbers" or that in itself will be a red flag my home will be shopped around by another for a different price.

  5. So you offer these motivated sellers on their house than turn around and try to find a cash buyer for a higher price? What happens when you offer the person 150k on their house like your example but you can't find a buyer? You are bound in a contract to purchase the 150k house now?

  6. Kind of. You bring the deal together and everything that goes with it. The thing about Wholesaling is, sometimes both parties know entirely about the deal, sometimes only you do or you and the buyer.

  7. Michael, what is the best way to find cash comps? I know you can find comps through Trulia but you can't tell if it was purchased for cash.

  8. u do not appraise em, u find comps(MLS if u know realtor or zillow free) around targeted house w/ the same criteria like sq.f. baths,bedrooms.Last sold and lowest comp would be the ARV and from their use formula. Have not found any motivated seller yet, but thats what i do to get info

  9. Someone explain to me how this is a no money down strategy when we have to pay to get these homes appraised? One person told me that that isn't our job but the job of the end buyer. Which one is it?

  10. If you're flipping houses you NEED cash buyers. You can get a FREE preview list at cashbuyersdirect(dot)com. If you like what you see you can purchase additional buyers for less than a quarter each. All buyers are quality, repeat, cash buyers with proven buyer history (that can be verified in public record). Happy Investing!

  11. This is a very informative video. I learnt alot. Will be watching the rest of your videos in the next few days … I would like to know where you found the SOS form though. That seemed very helpful. Thanks again

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