How to Wholesale & Flip Apartment Buildings – Commercial Real Estate Investing – How to Wholesale & Flip Apartment Buildings – Commercial Real Estate Investing
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Wholesaling Commercial Real Estate: Change Your Financial Life with One Check

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17 thoughts on “How to Wholesale & Flip Apartment Buildings – Commercial Real Estate Investing

  1. Hi there…are you looking Multifamily deals in a certain market or nationwide? I have several under contract you can view here in Houston.

  2. I like this brutha! I've connected with him a while back (forgive me for not remembering his name) and he is waist deep in RE–good to see him going commercial 🙂 NOW WE COOKIN' lol great information! Keep up the good work!

  3. If you or your buyers ever need financing for projects ranging from $50,000 to $25 Million OR who want to sell there land sales contracts that they are currently receiving monthly notes on, have them contact me :

  4. Ironically enough.i was just thinking about this today…i just got to build my buyers list..BUT i know a apartment in Michigan fully occupied. If you ever want to do some deals let me know

  5. Hey flipman, why do we have to show proof of funds if we are wholesaling the property? and what would be required up front

  6. Should i get it under contract first or just have referral fee set up after the close? I know an investor who has off market commercial inventory all over the place but he may try to find out who the buyer is and cross out the middle man (me lol) so should NCND be in place first?

  7. Ty, Did you ever see the video I sent you last year of the vacant hotel property in Tampa? I never got a reply. It' been sittin' a while

  8. Basic concept is the same but what's required up front and proof of funds can make it tricky…. All depends on the deal and are you speaking directly with the seller

  9. There are tons of abandoned commercial properties in my area. There was this one broken down and abandoned hotel that I have passed through millions of times. All of a sudden its being fixed up, renovated, and ready to go.

    Besides analyzing the deal, is the process of putting the commercial property under contract then assigning or double-closing the same as residential area or different?

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