How to Make Money in Real Estate – How to make money in real estate as taught be the leading real estate coach, Phil Pustejovsky. You’ll learn the major ways that people make money from real estate, from flipping foreclosures to developing subdivisions, from owning rental property to earning a real estate commission.

How to Make Money in Real Estate

How to Make Money in Real Estate, by Kris Krohn
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Making money in real estate can be quite hard with most real estate strategies. Kris Krohn teaches a specific strategy that follows these six criteria:
— The Least Time
— The Least Effort
— The Least Risk
— Make the Most Money
— Work in Both Up and Down Markets
— Would Provide a Service

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32 thoughts on “How to Make Money in Real Estate

  1. how do you make a profit with a sell if you have a lease option.
    most everyone gets a loan y would you do anything other?

  2. How long does it take to actually get rich in RE? I see people mention $500 a month in income here, $5k in ROI here. Hardly millionaire level. At that rate it has to take decades to get rich. Mine as well get a job or start a business lol

  3. I have been learning all that I can about real estate recently and its really something I want to do. It started when me and a couple of my friends from college planning to get a place together but unlike them, I would have to work in one of the dining halls to cover my rent and other expenses whereas their parents covered their asses. I was a freshman in college last year and one of my co-workers who was a sophomore at the time came to work totally miserable. He was nearly breaking even to pay for rent and the rest went to alcohol. Not to mention the metric tons of engineering work he had to do and lack of a social life. I do not want to be him! I worked about 60hrs a month to earn around $500. I would much rather save on that time and invest in real estate and energy to focus on academics, clubs or just having fun but I'm not sure if I should just deal with it and go the traditional route so that i can get a job after i graduate. If I own a property now Im not sure if i could handle all of the expenses involved and I do not have any money for a down payment, so is it a better idea to wait to get involved in investing until i graduate and get a job to fund my investments or try to get a motivated seller or owner financing deal now to help me through school? 

  4. Listen. Cool video! But hands down the best way to generate money online is with Money Token Express. Just search for it on Google. Don't miss out.

  5. whats your advice for me if i'm a freshman in high school looking to do real estate after i'm done, go to college? Or should i get a part time job and start saving up to make investments. I also am trying to learn the basics since my knowledge is very limited If you see this It'd be great for you to tell me what i should do and how do i learn all the basics so i can understand all your videos thanks.

  6. There is a much more realistic  way to approach real estate investing.  I have been doing this for 30 years and I know all the tricks and I have been very successful. Watch my presentation and then go to my website.

  7. Hello! Kris Krohn. I subscribed to your channel because after watching several videos I noticed you are not hiding or selling your secret and knowledge like many investors are doing on youtube. I appreciate that and Thank you so much for that. I am watching your videos and writing down my notes. Furthermore, The first time I got interested in Real Estate Investing was because of one book by Robert Kirosaki which inspired me to look more into real estate. In addition, I am absorbing as much information i can so i can start my own initiative and have a game plan.
    Thanks once again.

    PS: If I can ask you for your opinion of my approach and what should i do i would appreciate it so much!

    God Bless You!


    Juan Vazquez


  9. I tried about 5 or 6 different programs on real estate and no seemed to work. They get you all hyped up, bring you to a seminar and want you to buy their book which never really seem to answer basic questions. You seem really genuine, im just scared to try again. please tell us a bit more! Thank you! 

  10. Zero says his parents lost their house to the bank. Zero is sad 🙁
    Zero wants more information, so Zero can break the bank!

  11. Hi Kris!  Great tips for anyone with a desire to learn how to make money in real estate.  I think your strategy is economically sound, very realistic, and it also just makes a lot of common sense.  Thanks for sharing your formula, and for offering the free audiobook.  I'm really looking forward to learning more from you!

  12. Great information.  I like how real it is.  My husband and I actually made money on our real estate deals, but looking back we got lucky.  These 6 criteria are really good to adhere to.

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