How to Get Started Real Estate Investing – Real Estate Investor Training how to get started real estate investing. Here’s some strategies to keep in mind when getting started as a real estate investor.
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This week Mark Stark shows a video clip from Warren Buffett speaking on investing in residential real estate.

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  2. you're not giving me anything to work with. quit whining and figure out what you need to do. Ask the title company what you need to do…are you assigning? (is the contract assignable?) are you double closing? (one contract to buy and one contract to sell? ASK for help from the title company to see what if anything is missing, not in the contract correctly and get it resolved. It's ok to feel dumb on the first deal, it's something new, but don't roll over like a lame duck, take charge.

  3. Hi mike, I have a seller and a buyer. two contract that i got from staples. How do i close the deal before it's to late? title insurance company have been" blowing me off" help me?

  4. either of my courses on my website for wholesaling will have all the forms you need for buying, selling, assigning, etc.

  5. In your other videos on wholesaling, you talk about contract with the seller and one with the buyer. Where can I get those?

  6. there is no ONE way that's best. You need to learn and do many types of lead generation to find deals. buying internet leads is good start, bandit signs, direct mail, internet (SEO/PPC), networking, and much much more.
    If you want to flip to retail buyers, just get a license and make commissions and save yourself the brain damage. Financing rules will make that VERY challenging. Find Junkers and Flip to Cash (or Hard Money) Buyers.

  7. I really enjoy your informative/teaching videos. Keep them coming as it is helping us understand and motivating in this world of RE Investing. As a newbie to this business, I thank you.

  8. Fantastic primer for newbies. Kiyosaki says "Spend ten times as much time as you do money." I spent 18 years (staff appraiser) studying the biz but when I did my first owner financed deal, the sky was the limit. I bought six more in the following two months. All positive cash-flow. Normal is broke, I want to be weird (friends and family are just waiting around for something to happen.)

  9. Hey Michael great free info as usual. Good to hear about this stuff even if your doing deals. keeps me motivated.

  10. …I'll go back to the seller to see if I can do better but if I can only get it at 57k do you want me to call you?
    so you have a couple options, renegotiate with the seller for a little better deal (after your inspection) or cut your fee to get a deal done. You may not make as much but your getting something even better than money…EXPERIENCE.

  11. If you have resistance to you deal, find out why, NEVER just take a no for an answer. Find out at what price (or terms) would make it a yes (test their response too). For instance. If you offering a deal at 60k and you get buyers looking but no YES, call them all up and ask why…usually your numbers might be off or sometimes maybe your buyers numbers are off, if it's yours ask would you be interested at a lower number? if yes, what price? (let's say they say 55k)…you respond…

  12. my contract uses an inspection clause that gets me out right up to closing date. You only need one, but honestly, I can't ever really remember needing it…not on a junker wholesale. There's a lack of wholesale properties in most cases and most fix and flippers fall into 1 of 2 categories: too lazy to buy houses regularly and rely on wholesalers to find a deal. or high volume and can close on as many as they find. Either way experience tells me BUYERS are easy…finding the deals is the skill

  13. Another Great Video.. I've been learning over the past year, part-time. We've talked via email on several occasions. I'm out of Phoenix. I've taken a lot of information away from all your videos and put it to use. I'm having great success. I've chosen to focus my attention on wholesaling. As you suggested.

    My question is, what are some exit strategies associated with wholesaling?
    I am aware the inspection period and that is it.

  14. This is a good brief overview with well made points. I like your idea of finding a local investor and working with them to get you going.

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