How To Earn Cash As A Real Estate Investor With Little To No Money

Most people do not venture into real estate investing because they think they must invest a lot of their own money into it.

Others get scared because of potential risks involved.

This article will show you how to buy and sell houses with no risk, no money and sometimes not buying any houses.

Each deal will get you $ 3000 to $ 20,000 within just 30 days.

Wholesale real estate investing, or flipping houses, is probably the best way to start as an investor.

You learn how to estimate house value, repairs, make offers that get accepted and still leave you with a profit and get you familiar with the paperwork and the house buying and selling process.

You will locate houses below market value then flip them to rehabbers, usually other real estate investors. The investors usually fix up the houses and sell them or rent them out.

So how does it work?
1)Locate houses for sale
There will be no For Sale Sign outside the house. Most are never listed in the MLS.

They are easy to locate when you drive around. You can get 5 to 10 such houses in an hour in the right neighborhoods.

They have over-grown grass or weeds, look untidy, and overflowing mailbox.

Look up the owner in the county records. Target the owners with postcards or letters with an interest to buy the houses.

Leave a post card on the door for them in case they come back.

Some might have tried in vain to sell. Expired listings can therefore be good source of these houses. Make sure they have owned the properties for at least 10 years. This means they may have equity.

People in trouble who own real estate are also excellent potential sellers. These include people going through divorce, facing liens, bankruptcies, etc.

People who have inherited property (probates) are probably the best sources of wholesale properties.

Once you have made contact with the owners, you will need to know the after-repaired value of the house, how much the mortgage balance is, how much they are asking and how much the rough repair cost estimate is.

Simon Macharia is a real estate investor in Dallas Texas mainly wholesaling houses. He flips his houses quickly through his buyers list built through his real estate investor website from http://www.RealEstateInvestorsWebsites.net

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