How To Become A Millionaire Quickly Using Real Estate Investing – Financial Freedom Friday

How To Become A Millionaire Quickly Using Real Estate Investing - Financial Freedom Friday Real estate investing provides the best odds for the average person to become a millionaire. It’s a bold statement that Matt examines in his third installment of Financial Freedom Friday. In less than 5 minutes, Matt Theriault will challenge the traditional wisdom about creating wealth and give you the resources needed to create true financial freedom.

What You’ll Learn:

– The 4 stages of becoming a millionaire real estate investor.
– What it means to think like a millionaire real estate investor.
– The difference between using money and letting money use you; and
– How to determine which approach you are living by.
– What the average person considers the role of money to be.
– Why Matt believes strategy is more important than money when acquiring real estate.
– The difference between buying and owning real estate.

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10 Tips to Become an Absolutely Successful African American Real Estate Investor

10 Tips to Become an Absolutely Successful African American Real Estate Investor

1. We must seek out a Jegna (mentor) and stick and stay until we are successful ( you are here so you are really close to making this a reality).
2. We must prepare a daily regiment and use a calendar. (We must dedicate at least an hour a day to our business, we can put in 8+ hours in someone else’s dream the least we can do is at least dedicate 1 hour a day to getting ours on track).

3. We must educate ourselves but not so much that it causes us to procrastinate. (I have come across many people who can tell me every detail about a deal but when I ask them if they have closed on a deal, they usually find a creative way to say NO Such as I am working on my buyers list at the time).

4.Join a real estate investor’s club in your area ( Look for clubs in your area at

5. Network, Network, and Network again. (I was taught by one of my mentors that your Net-worth is only as valuable as your Network. Therefore, Network, Network, Network! ( Join and find real estate investment groups online)
6. Learn the contract and don’t be afraid to the contract. (Join our free online membership data base to get the contract at
7. We must get over the dreaded word NO! (And after the seller tells you no, don’t be afraid to followthrough, no one is going to hurt you. (At least over the phone).

The worst thing that can happen is that someone will tell you “NO, I can’t take that offer”. They do not have to sell you their property. Some Will, Some Wont, So What, Next!! When you truly learn embrace this concept you will have become an ultimate investor.

You will begin to go and purposely look for no’s for fun and when the seller finally says yes, it will be nothing more than a cherry on top of a cake. Stop being surprised when someone tells you no but rather become surprised when they tell you yes).

8. Become focused so focused that you can taste what it is that you will. One of my top students Montu Abra often says “Proceed as if success is inevitable.”

9. Go hard, go strong, and go long, then take break assess and do it all over again.

10. If you follow the previous 9 steps you will have no option but to become a successful real estate investor. Therefore, step number 10 is to share with us how these steps have helped you in your real estate business.

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Failure is not an option,

Dennis “Ausar” Winkler, Jr. CDPE

Revolutionary Real Estate Educator

Winkler investor Group LLC.

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  1. please may you tell me what is the name of your background – if it had a name i dont know- or if you may help me with a link to learn how to make one please and i appreciate :D

  2. I'm an RE Virtual Assistant and I've sent a few people to your channel and I'd like to find out if there's a way we can track future traffic. Would you be open to doing a referral or affiliate link? I'd like to just track my clients behavior on all related campaigns.

  3. When I saw the title of this video I didn't click on it several times. My thought being a million is pretty easy. Now that I've watched the video I can say its worth watching anyway

    How To Become A Millionaire Quickly Using Real Estate Investing – Financ…:

  4. For your first house, save up a 25% down payment and BUILD A HOUSE with a specific purpose-made basement suite. Rent that out. Once your mortgage is paid off a significant amount, build a second house and do the same thing and then you have three people renting from you. Just keep doing that. My dad has 10 houses now and 20 renters, pulling in $20k a month and they're almost all paid off. 

  5. There's nothing like hearing positive motivation from a well seasoned real estate investor. I really needed to hear this.thank you for lifting my spirits. Im 22 years old and have recently began my real estate venture. And I'm ready for my journey. Do you have a link?

  6. Venango County, Pennsylvania –  Anyone who has done a search of real estate in the Rust Belt area of the United States has seen that the prices are amazing.   For the price of a few months rent in one of the larger international cities, you can buy a house.   In places like Western Pennsylvania, Northern Ohio, Michigan, Western New York housing prices are far below what you find in most other places around the world.

    However smart investors are realizing the potential here.  First of all, you're buying property in the United States that is near many major metropolitan cities.   The potential for investment is amazing.  People no longer have to be in cities to work if they can do so online.  Also, with such cheap prices people are seeing the potential for building retirement communities, small industries and other endeavors.

    Within a three hour drive from Toronto, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Washington D.C. you find home prices that are far below average, but within an easy commute for someone who needs to be near a major city.

    For example, if you do a search in places like Venango County Pennsylvania you can easily find houses for fifty thousand dollars and Victorian mansions for under two hundred thousand.   Some houses go for as low as twenty thousand dollars and less, but require some work.  Still the land underneath these very low houses is worth more to someone interested in investment opportunities.  They are, after all, in the United States and  near potential capitol from the larger surrounding cities.

    This is why the Rust Belt has turned into the Investment Belt, especially with younger investors and people from Asian markets looking for a place to put their newfound wealth.  But, with prices like this, it will soon be "discovered" and the deals will soon be gone.

  7. I like what he had said. But to take it further you have to develop the habits rich people have. Average people and rich people think very differently but they also have very different habits as well.
    In order to succeed at the steps this gentleman has mentioned, you must be a very driven person and have certain characteristics and attributes. His posting title is not accurate in the sense that these steps do not happen "quickly" and though real estate creates more millionaires than any other investment vehicle, it certainly is not quick or easy. If it was, the failure rate would not be so high.
    Remember, most people (90 some-odd percent) who attempt this endeavor, fail.
    Buying books and video's are nice as little extras but they are designed to sell to the masses.(I do not know if this gentlemen is marketing his educational material to you but it appears so) Because they are designed to sell to the masses, they leave a lot of necessary facts out that do not appeal to the general public(decreased sales) and really put great emphasis on the facts that do appeal to the general public.(increased sales) On a side note, I have not reviewed his material but this technique is the norm.
    The truth is that acquiring one million dollars of equity when you have to start from virtually nothing is EXTREMELY difficult and very few who attempt it will succeed. Though it has and can be done, only a small percentage of the population has all the right ingredients to make this happen and buying a real estate program makes very little difference in the long run.( As you may guess, I am a teacher and successful real estate investor myself) I'm a big fan of real estate education but the student needs to relate with the material in order for it to truly be an effective learning tool. There is plenty of useful information that is free.

  8. Thanks, I teach tennis in japan and want to get into the real estate game, what would you advise me to do, how about doing it online, most said i can't, arigato!!




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