How Do I Find Motivated Sellers?


Subject: How Do I Find Motivated Sellers?

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How Do I Find Motivated Sellers?

Here is my secret weapon for finding sellers who will either sell
dramatically below market value or sell with zero down payment and no

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$7,000 In 5 Days – 23 Years Old

“On the first deal, I made about 3 grand. I didn’t put too much work into
it. I put about 5 to 6 hours in maybe, total. What made me decide to get into
the Mentor Program was the one on one help that I knew I needed. I’m trying to
do over $150,000 this year. That’s my goal.” – Prince Amos, Longview,
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The Difference Between A Land Contract And A Subject To Deal

I spend so much time explaining this to my students: the difference between a
land contract and a Subject To deal and the hierarchy of zero down real estate
deals. Let me go through it again and explain the differences between them and
what works and why in different situations.
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Do Your Techniques Work In Canada And Other Countries?

Even though the laws may vary in different parts of the world, the system that
I’m teaching can be used anywhere a free market exists. I’ll explain more…
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Let me show you how you can actually come out ahead when a tenant moves out of
a property.
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“How To Sell Your Property For 10% OVER Value… FAST!”

Did you know that you can get 5-10% more for the homes you sell AND get higher
than market rent! In order to understand this process you need to realize the
VALUE of what you are learning here.
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Can You Show Me How To Structure My Business For Taxes?

Focusing on the things that make you money makes all of the difference in the
world when you first start investing in real estate. I’ll explain more… Read More

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