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Glen Gallucci, Real Estate Guru and Author of "How to Become a Private Lender Earning Huge Returns"

More than 3 million people here in the United States have either fallen behind on their home mortgages or are already in foreclosure. This number is estimated to jump dramatically in the next several months to as many as 7 million!

Banks from one end of our country to the other – and around the world for that matter – are collapsing one after another. Now, even some of the biggest investment banks and hedge funds are being forced to surrender themselves to takeovers for pennies on the dollar or close their doors.

In a desperate attempt to contain the crisis, the Federal Reserve has already put two thirds of its liquid assets at risk to keep Wall Street afloat.

Bottom line: We’re looking at the worst financial crisis since the great depression ignited in October of 1929.

The fact is the financial meltdown on Wall Street and the credit crisis is going to mean that as many as 20 million houses, condos and town-houses – to say nothing about millions of commercial properties – are going to sell for 30, 20 even 10 cents on the dollar, and at discounts of as much as 75% of their actual current valuations by banks, financial institutions and investors that are being castrated by this nightmare.

My dad used to tell me the best time to really make Millions is when the feathers are flying and desperation sets in. It’s been the secret to great wealth since the very beginning of man’s creation of commerce.

In this letter, I am going to reveal a proven, time-tested, yet little-known way that you can easily earn from 15% all the way up to 74% returns on your investment dollars – quickly and safely… perfectly tailored to cash…

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