“Find And Keep Great Tenants” – How To Fill Your Residential Investment Properties with High Quality ‘Pay on Time’ Tenants!!

Managing a residential rental property can be a highly rewarding, highly profitable and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

The difference between the dream property investment and the hellish one usually comes down to one thing and one thing only:

My name is Troy Barford and I’m just like you. I want my investment properties to drag in the profits and I want them to do so effortlessly and stress free.

…and when it comes down to it we really have no control over how our tenants ultimately behave. All we can do is hope they play the game with honor, right?

At the time there was no way that I could have accepted that my tenant issues were largely the result of my own actions.

Yet, while I was suffering my more experienced colleagues were enjoying tenants who consistently paid on time and who were treating their properties with care.

If you think the difference that separates a positive property investment experience from a negative one comes down to luck, think again.

Don’t get me wrong. Luck has delivered many amateur property owners wonderful tenants, and will again in the future no doubt…

…so if you want to put your investment fate in the hands of luck, go right ahead and place a bet. I sincerely hope you’ll come out unscathed.

But "luck" and "hope" aren’t how savvy property investors turn their rental properties into profit turning machines without losing a single night of sleep.

They don’t need them, because exceptional property investors operate in accordance with one fundamental rule:

Right now there are tons of property owners struggling to pay mortgages and find money to repair property damage because they haven’t learned how to apply the fundamental rule.

…yet, also right now, there are thousands of property owners who, as a…

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