Do’s and Dont’s When Buying a Home

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As homebuyers several times over and since Michael has an extensive, expert level of knowledge on mortgage litigation, we thought we’d share some things to consider when buying a house. Let us know what you think, and if there are topics that you want to hear Michael go more in-depth about. Thanks for watching!


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39 thoughts on “Do’s and Dont’s When Buying a Home

  1. Going out to buy a house is not that simple. Keeping this tips in mind helps. Thanks for uploading!

  2. Those are some nice tips! Getting a qualified real estate agent can help to negotiate the tricky process of buying a home.

  3. I'm an agent. I like what you've done here. I also suggest to my buyer (if a first timer especially) to do a budget, then add 10% of their net income to represent a minimum amount of savings they need to be putting away above the all their expenses. Many folks unfortunately don't want to do this until 3 different sources tell them to. I would like your permission to show this to my clients when I take them on. It helps no one (me too) to sell a client a house they can't afford.

  4. There are tools to help calculate your monthly payment and affordable loan amount. Get Loan Calculator from to help you analyze your loan.

  5. This video is very informative and I have to say spot on. I couldn't agree more with her suggestions and comments. Especially the point about buying too much house for you. Too many times I have seen a family or individual buy a home they cannot afford.

  6. Being a Broker; I find it offensive to be considered just a Salesperson. We are required to undergo so much educational training. It's like constantly going to college; which I did that too, first. Then we must take 15 ceu's in education to update us; every two years. We are threatened with our job security constantly with "law suits" if we don't do a perfect job. So you really must love it today, to be in it. I became a Realtor, because my Realtor did such a shoddy job. I care.

  7. Understand you had some bad experience with Realtors. Me too. But there are many of good one out there…believe me. Knowing what I know today as Realtor I would highly suggest to anyone (especially first time home buyers) to work with a Realtor. Find a Realtor that will give you 100% satisfaction guarantee like mine or ask family and friends if they know or experienced a good Realtor.

  8. Michael do you always smile as much in real life as you do on youtube!? I Love watching how you constantly look at your wifey with such a Loving expression! It is Awesome to see a couple together (esp. for many years) and see the hubby's look at their women with such love and adoration! Thank you for your smiles and the way you look at your wife. It is refreshing!

    We ended up getting a manufactured house because we were trying to get into our home before our baby was born and stick build permits were a much longer process here. Marnie I TOTALLY know what you mean about wanting to customize my home. We have 7 children (6 at home) and there is no storage and always so loud even when the kids are not being loud! But, by the time we can afford to build (which my hubby says we will not do until we can pay in cash) I am guessing I wont need the house I now dream of!!! LOL
    Alos, Marnie just wanted to say you do a Great job with your videos! Thank you

  9. Oh so glad you’re doing these 'M&M Monday’s’! I know I found you when you were talking about budgets, then you moved to fashion/makeup which was great, don’t get me wrong, but thank for weaving some of these financial items back in. Much, much appreciated and yes Part 2 please!!

  10. I would like to make my reality check also when considering buying a house. We made the mistake of buying up when last son was starting college. We were making the money and not too hard hit when financial crisis hit. We wanted out of the city out of neighborhoods. Four years later I was diagnosed as having MS, a disabling chronic disease and unable to work due to pain and fatigue. Losing my income put a hardship on finances plus needing to hire help for me. We were stuck with mortgage, refinanced had equity. We could have been smarter with our choices. Ladies if you work also along with your husband, try to manage your finances as if only one is bringing home the bacon. Use your paycheck for extras, retirement, college etc, Some are working because they have to make ends meet, work on paying yourselves first in a savings account no matter how little to begin with. Progress to living on one paycheck and building your money so you have emergency savings, regular savings,retirement etc. I was smart in obtaining long term disability when I started feeling something wasn't right with my health. It took two years of testing, multiple doctors, being diagnosed as it's all in my head, before I found a MS doctor to finally know how to read an MRI and end the searching. I wish it had been in my head(crazy) lol! If I hadn't had LTD and increased it we would have sunk for sure. When building also consider you in your old age or disabled especially with bathrooms and bedrooms. Just another viewpoint from someone who's experienced financial woes and a health crisis changing my world. Thank you M+M for helping us ladies who don't have a savvy finance husband and who needs to know the best way to finance a home. We need to strengthen our knowledge of finance.

  11. OMG I Loved this video! We are on the search of a Home, and it's been a very frustrating yet exciting time, but I'm always looking to educate myself on this subject especially since we are first time homebuyers! Thanks for doing this video! I would love to see more vids like these! I would like to know more about Mella-Roos, HOA horror stories, and also since we have teens, what would be any tips on what to look at when you are almost done raising your kids, but then perhaps downsizing once they are gone on their own. Loving this topic! More please! Thanks! Blessings!

  12. I live in the north and most newer houses that are two stories have the master on the main level. So this "north" is not uncommon for the last several years. Our taxes are very high as well. I watch these small European dwellings on HGTV and do not know how they manage. Lol

  13. OMG!You guys are so CUTE!!It is so inspiring to see how in love your hubby is with you just by the way he looks at you and talks about you!Thank you DOE theses videos they are so helpful.

  14. Yes, please on the follow up. Not for me, but for people I know in California that are underwater… how do you get from under?

  15. Great vlog, my husband asked me the other day, "what piece of advice would I give to a couple starting out, buying a house"?. There is so much you could give, but I said the number 1 piece of advice would be buy what you can afford to live with, within your means, do not over stretch your budget, there is no home worth fighting over if you can't afford to live in it.

  16. I think Michael should do a finance series on YouTube, like Dave Ramsey. I love listening to him talk and I like the way he explains topics. I would love for him to explain insurance and investments, like IRAs etc.

  17. This is definitely a most informative video…my newly married daughter and her husband are planning to purchase a home in the near future. They are currently living in a 2-bedroom townhouse that she purchased in 2006…she is in the situation of low equity because she was not required to pay a DP when she purchased the property…and chose not to…she paid $115K and the area comps are now averaging at or below $90K…primarily because there have been so many foreclosures in their immediate area…and also because this cul-de-sac of town homes was built around 2001-2003 and is nestled in the middle of a much older residential area that dates back to the 70's…and to compound the issue even more is the realtor's fee for selling the property….so all this being said, they are definitely upside down and under water, basically because of the drop in property values…coupled with the low equity status…SO…what would you suggest to best handle this situation…currently they are paying extra on their mortgage each month in an attempt to bridge the gap…and they are considering turning this property into a rental; but, quite frankly, they are not fond of having two mortgages and know that they will qualify for less toward their primary residence if they hold on to their current property. Additionally they are 35 and 37 years old…just starting out in life together…most of their friends already have adequate homes and are raising their families and did not face the problem of liquidating a residence to purchase another residence..they went from apartment living into their starter home…my daughter was single for so long and quite frankly did not use sound judgement when she purchased her townhouse…not making the 20% DP is really a thorn in her side now…she has significant savings but is not happy to see it go to bridge this underwater situation…I think we have a perfect example of "pay me now…or pay me later"…but I would love to hear your opinion…..thanks SO MUCH…!!! (P.S. I love your channel…primarily because your husband takes such an interest in supporting you and is present and accounted for in at least one video per week….how wonderful that he cares so much and is equipped to add such depth and extra vitality to your channel. You two make such a lovely couple…I wish you much happiness and longevity in your marriage. My husband and I have been married 36 years…there is nothing better than being in a wonderful partnership together…!!!) xoxo Wanda :D

  18. Interesting stuff to hear as New Zealander. You have to have 20% equity here to buy primary residence. Then 30% for additional houses or houses to rent out. But the market in the main big city has gone up crazy fast to probably will still crash in next few years.

  19. I think a follow up on this subject is totally warranted. I am sure there is much more information on mortgages that would be beneficial.

  20. I live in California and one of the states we're considering retiring to in the semi-distant future is Texas. What you said about the property taxes was interesting. What kind of high property taxes are we talking about? For instance in my county, a $300,000 home would pay about $3000 a year in property taxes. I'm curious, in your area what would be the approximate annual cost?

  21. Great video! We just purchased a home and it was such a stressful process. The sheer amount of paperwork was overwhelming and we are two people with great incomes and credit. Michael is right on re property taxes in Texas. I live in Houston and taxes are Crazy.
    We will likely move from this house once we retire bc of prop taxes 😖

  22. You two speak about each other with adoration— rare, beautiful, and how it should be! My question: California. For health reasons etc., we moved and bought a very small home, our son was renting our bigger home. Now he's moved. If we sold we would have to come up with, as you said, a significant amount of money that we don't presently have to do repairs and bring certain things to code. We bought that home as a fixer-upper from my now deceased mother. If we rent, it makes the payment only. We can do most of the work ourselves, but have work and time constraints, and , now live over three hours away. We don't stand to make a large amount of money if we sell. It's a dilemna! Please lend your advice! I always love your Michael and Marnie sessions. When will we see the book? ; )

  23. We have an empty nest and just downsized.  Having a smaller home isn't that great….we are bumping into each other, it's much more noisy and looks messy faster.  That being said, the lower utilities and taxes are nice :)

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