Coaching Training Real Estate Agents How To List and Sell Commercial Investment Real Estate Part 1

Designed Specifically For: Residential, Commercial & Investment Agents!

Some speakers talk to the audience, not Michael. In this video you will quickly see how Michael engages the audience at each point of the class. To help agents not just “hear” the information but own the information he asks questions at every step of the way.

In this power-packed 30 minute and 44 second training clip you will see get a sneak peak of the experience of being in the class.

What You Will Learn:

This class is geared to the real estate agent and teaches “first hand proven strategies” for listing and selling Commercial Investment (C.I.) properties.

* How to calculate Cap Rates, Gross Rent Multipliers (G.R.M’s) & set up sheets
* Terminology and tips for communicating with Investors and other C.I. Brokers

* Earn higher commissions using first hand techniques to save you time.
* How to calculate return on Investment (R.O.I.), vacancy, and expense factors.
* How to analyze and determine value using the income approach.
* How to do a rent survey and the impact of market rent vs. actual rent on value.

Commercial/Investment sales require knowledge and tools that are not easily found in our industry. Michael Simpson has mastered the ability to list and sell Commercial/Investment Property (his team maintains Residential Sales).

If your desire is to specialize in Investment Sales exclusively, or to “merge into” Commercial/Investment sales, Michael will share what has worked for him, and how he landed in the top 3 for all C.I. agents internationally with his previous company in just a few short months. (562) 428-BEST
Video Rating: / 5

Video Rating: / 5

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  1. Great video Micheal. I hope the KW is still going well. I enjoyed working at your broker before moving to Texas. I wish you well my friend.

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