Choosing a Real Estate Investing Mentor Ask yourself these 3 questions before choosing a real estate investing mentor
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  1. Hey Phil I am also a resident in Florida,Jacksonville, and had a question about wether or not I needed a license to wholesale houses or not. I live paycheck to paycheck with a family to support so this is basically my only way to earn the money to become the investor I want to be.

  2. HI Phil, Do you have any contracts advice, if someone is willing to invest, what are the risks involved if someone wants to invest in my real estate business model but not sure if his cash is protected etc?

  3. There is an application process on my website that answers that question for you in great detail. These days, we are so thankful to have grown so much and so at this point, we only want to work with people who are going to be good to work with. We don't need the business. I call it "the hassle factor". If someone is going to be a hassle, we want nothing to do with mentoring them. Whiners, complainers, big egos, know-it-alls need not apply.

  4. Long on broad strokes business and personal finance wisdom, very short on the details on how to do it. Many of the concepts he introduced in the book Rich Dad Poor Dad were right on and very different from classic personal finance help. So in that sense, he was a pioneer. But the details of how to actually execute on his 30,000 view of becoming wealthy is absent. Also, there is no actual "Rich Dad". So some people just think he is an outright liar and his book should be in the Fiction section.

  5. This is key. Someone had told me about a local mentor 'lifestyle unlimited' but I was always wondering about what my finance professor aid to always ask in a business deal: "what's in it for me or for them? what's in it for you, Phil?" This gives a good idea of what that is especially the difference b/w local and nationwide mentor. My reservations to sign up proved right. Thanks.

  6. Both? Certainly. But usually, a successful investor leans one direction or the other. As a creative investor, I'll still pick up a traditional deal from time to time, but they are rare.

  7. Then you may want to consider applying for my apprentice program. That's what we do. We mentor people all across the country on creative real estate investing. Head over to my site to apply (youtube won't allow links in the comments).

  8. im looking to get a rental going then explore wholesale flipping or should i stick to just the wholesale? here in somersett county maine it is the poorest of all alot of rentals due to not alot of people being able to afford bank loans but people that ive talked to say $500 to $700 a month is normal 2 and 3 bed are fetching most everything is on mls . i own my house and can do credit/traditional but wife wants to wait until some other money is freed up in case of issues arise

  9. Great question. This comment section is not the place, though, to help you with that. That question brings about 30 more questions in my mind. What are you looking to accomplish? Where do you live? Have you owned real estate before? Why are you looking to own a rental property? Do you have any money or credit? Because that is a traditional deal (its on the MLS). Consider applying to be my next apprentice. During the application process, these questions could be explored as well as many more. .

  10. actually i watched that first then i saw this and got a little confused, figured it would work just thought i would ask if there was something i missed out on also on a side note here is a house i was looking into as my first rental and wanted to know what you thought about it
    mls #1073261 its a 4 bed 2 bath for $35000 needs updates houses in area are going for $145000

  11. That's one of the great benefits of creative real estate investing…it works everywhere because motivated sellers are everywhere. Watch my video titled "Creative Real Estate vs Traditional" to learn more about that topic.

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