Cash Buyer – How To Find Cash Buyers For Your Real Estate Deals – Cash Buyers List For Real Estate Investing Is Critical to Your Success. Here’s Are Some Ways to Build Your All Cash Buyer List.

Who To Look For: People with money but not enough time.

* Rehabbers
* Contractors
* Rental Property Owners/Buyers
* Wholesalers
* Homevestors Franchisee
* Professionals – Doctors, Lawyers, etc..
* Country Club Members
* Retirement Accounts

Where To Look:

* Real Estate Investment Clubs
* Newspaper
* Bandit Sign Ads
* Online – craigslist,
* MLS – Cash deals in past 90 days
* Title companies
* Closing Attorneys
* Public Records

Quick Tip To Building Your Buyers List:

* Landing page – website
* Direct mail
* Bandit signs
* Biz cards

Most Important: Ask if they would like to be placed on your priority buyers list (the serious ones will), and write down the types of properties they are looking for, the areas of town, and all of their contact info (email, phone, fax). MOST IMPORTANTLY – ask if they can close with cash immediately.

As real estate investors, building a cash buyers list is crucial to your success as a . Remember, even if you don’t have a property available you are still able to build a database of qualified buyers. So no more excuses. Cash buyers are an investors dream because of how easy it is to work with him. If you simply dedicate 30-90 days of marketing to build your list, you should end up with a very comfortable portfolio of investors.

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20 thoughts on “Cash Buyer – How To Find Cash Buyers For Your Real Estate Deals

  1. I have put numerous fake ads in Craigslist with no one responding. I have tried different techniques.
    There are no REIA groups in my area, the closest is 20 miles and has 3 members.

  2. Great Info Frank!
    I'm starting my wholesale business and I find your info very helpful. I found a REI club in my area.

  3. What Public Records I can Use to find Cash Buyers, and when you say Home Investors Franchises who are you referring to give an example please. PSS You information is great and to the point!

    Love it!

  4. Hello,

    I found your video to be very helpful. You've given me more insight on some things I was totally aware of:) Although; your video was helpful, I still have a few questions to ask you. If you will, I will greatly appreciate if you contact me at 430-200-7463 or,

    thank you,


  5. Hi Frank!!!! Great info!!!! My question is…. once you get the buyer and the seller together, how do you formulate the deal to where you get paid, and not be axed out upon closing?

  6. Hi Frank,

    I am looking to get in to this Real estate game as whole-seller. my Question is do you have to be licensed to be this "middle-man"???

  7. Hey Frank, What kind of annual seller-back interest rates are you seeing on land with a 50% down payment. I was thinking anything from 5% to 7% depending on credit of the buyer.

  8. do you think wholesaling in an area the size of 50k-60k people is enough of a market or should I look into areas with larger population

  9. Sorry for the late reply! To answer your question, cash buyers offer 2 strong benefits 1) fast closings 2) no banks. Cash Buyers are great for wholesalers, because you are simply bringing properties to them that fit their criteria. So essentially yes, you are finding cash buyers to present them with deals they have already expressed interest in. Hope this helps.

  10. A title company can also provide the information from the public records for a nominal fee. You can ask a title company to perform the search according to whatever criteria you want, including "private mortgage" or "no mortgage", age of property, size, beds, baths, zip code, subdivision, out of state owner, etc. You can get the information in spreadsheet form so you can mail merge and use direct mail to the owners.

  11. You can also request this information from a local real estate agent, considering they have access to the MLS, correct?

  12. This is by far the best adive I ihave found for finding quick to act cash buyers, and motivated ones too! 5 star information! Thank you Frank Chen!

  13. I had never considered building a list to gain cash buyers before!, Powerful stuff and I cant believe I didnt think of it earlier! Thanks Mr. Chen!

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