“A Day In The Life of A Real Estate Investor”

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The Day Of Reckoning Is Coming

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17 thoughts on ““A Day In The Life of A Real Estate Investor”

  1. Which cities/areas do you guys think got the best potential for real estate to come back(growth)? and your reasons behind it please.
    I am moving, and thinking about moving to some cities that got great potential for real estate in the next 10,20 years. Not sure if it's wise to move just based on the real estate market there, but it is a great time to invest in RE now right? I think 50% on my decision will be based on if I like the city/state, and 50% on how good the real estate is there. thanks

  2. Whats your thoughts on Detroit today? I live in metro Detroit and the city of Detroit declared bankruptcy last Thursday. would you consider it hands off for now?

  3. Thanks, Fabian. Do you think your information could be somewhat utilized by an investor living in Europe? I'd like to push forward in this area in my own country, just afraid that the ownership structures are so different. Its not about what the program costs, it's whether its made specifically for the US. Thanks.

  4. Fabian, looks like you could use a private pilot. Let me get you hooked up with my brother. He can turn those 6 hour car trips into 1 hour plane rides.

  5. This is one of the videos I hoped you would make. Does your course teach anything about finding and partnering with investors? My main interest is in flipping.

  6. I know it well. I lived in Tampa for 20 years and have friends in West Palm. Every time we passed by there we'd yell "Yeehaw!!" lol

  7. Yes you can. Countless of Canadians have purchased the program. Credit is not really needed, unless your going to get loans in your name of companies name. My firm is always looking for new investors interested in investing capital in exchange for 10%-12% returns.

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