0060 BiggerPockets Blog: Investing in Cheap Real Estate Without Entering the War Zone

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There are a quite a few investors who brave the perils of buying and holding properties for basement prices, all in the name of real estate investing and consistent 0+ cash flows.

These areas can range from quaint working class areas to working class row homes in the inner-city. Most can be seen from foreclosures listing on the national MLS and HUD, but opportunities for excellent cash flow nonetheless. But, when I listen to the discussion, I find that people assume that low priced housing means that it’s a “war zone”, and that’s just not the case.

I’m going to show you here why sometimes it’s as simple as location, and being old, that determines that lower price, even more so than the supposed crime associated that may be associated with that property address.

Link to my blogpost: http://www.affordablerealestateinvestments.com/0060-biggerpockets-blog-truth-cheap-properties-war-zones/

Thank you all!

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10 thoughts on “0060 BiggerPockets Blog: Investing in Cheap Real Estate Without Entering the War Zone

  1. Do you get traditional funding for these deals? Most lenders I've run across don't want to touch anything under 50 K. Great tips! Thanks, Greg´╗┐

  2. Thank you Lisa, great video. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me which allowed me to recently acquired my first property. God bless you, and please continue to share your experience.
    Thank you.´╗┐

  3. Lisa may GOD bless you! Let me tell you I had prayed to GOD and ask him to help me, and out of NO WHERE I ran across your channel! I been wanting to get into flipping houses/renting, but didn't know where to start. This video gives me so much help you have know idea! I had some set backs in life and was down about what I wanted to do to help my family out. Thank you so much because you are giving me hope now.´╗┐

  4. Hi Lisa. I grew up in a neighborhood that was "working class" which many deemed as┬á"undesirable,"┬áI read the BiggerPockets blog post along with the comments indicating┬ánewbies should avoid┬áproperties in the $30k and under range.┬áI agreed with those holding the position that $30k is a good starting point for the new investor. The ability to enjoy positive cash flows and to own a property in a relatively short period of time in a big deal. After watching the video post about the $13k property you renovated and rented, I was more than interested to learn more. I tested your due diligence process on my current neighborhood and found it to be a real confidence booster.┬áThank you for sharing.´╗┐

  5. I like the content and you have a lot of good points. I'm looking to get into real estate myself and I'll check out more of your videos.´╗┐

  6. This is a good video, Lisa. ┬áI liked your description of what a war zone is. ┬áI also liked how you mentioned that just because the price of the property is distressed doesn't mean the neighborhood it's in will be distressed.´╗┐

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